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A lot. I can't even pick what to pursue and focus on 😂
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To be honest, I've always struggled with not being able to "box" myself. 😂

I thought I really wanted to leave my secular job and become a theologian, cross-cultural or campus missionary, Bible teacher, Christian counsellor, a preacher, Christian speaker or any job that has to do with advancing the Kingdom of God. But I also like anything about fitness, health and well-being, make-up, skin care, and anything that has to do with the skin (being dermatologist) beauty, and fashion. The next moment I'll find myself wanting to continue and be professional with my creative pursuits - content creator/vlogging, photography, dancing, acting, modelling, writing and performing. And THE LIST GOES ON! Sometimes, I have this wild, big dream and vision for myself to become successful and help those who are in need not just financially but holistically because I love people A LOT! But a lot of times, I feel I just want to live peacefully surrounded by my church family, and become the BEST Godly wife and mom to my children (Stay-at-home mom). When it gets too much, I am looking back to my Father and remind myself of WHO I AM FIRST AND SUPPOSED TO BE: the child of God. That way, even if I don't think I am making sense, I feel settled and secured of that Truth. I can rest in that because that is my TRUE IDENTITY ❤ So yeah, I may look weird, but I believe this is how I was created by God to be. It also reflects how unfathomable and immeasurable our God is. And if I can't put myself in a box, how much more God! This is why I’m giving this avenue a go, because I honestly couldn't meet and know someone freely during this season of my life but I still wanted to try different ways such as this. I’m a full-time international student, working 20 hrs a week at the same time and trying to fit in everything in this busy schedule. Despite this, I don’t want to wake up one day being too old to date and regretting that I didn’t do anything to meet new people. Also, people don’t see me the same as my real age, so men might think I’m underage. �'�  Please feel free to message me anytime if you want to get to know me more. I love talking but replies might be late because of my priorities and if that’s alright with you, then we’re good to go. 😊

I'm prayerfully hoping to meet someone who intends to
�" Love JESUS more than he loves me
�" Pursue, know deeper and serve God faithfully with me and the community of faith
�" Keep the marriage bed pure
�" Commit and marriage is your ultimate and end goal in dating

I have made these clear right from the start to save both our time and effort. I don't want and you to invest in something that WILL NOT LAST. All that to say, I’m not looking for a disposable relationship. 😆✌ I'm NOT PERFECT, and I will NEVER BE, and so, I don't expect you to be. Just like you, I'm still a work in progress, and I also NEED JESUS DAILY. 😉❤
First Date
anything as long as I'm with you ❤

Realistically speaking, if we both want to know each other more, because this is online and I am a "personal kind of person" (I prefer personal interactions than chatting), I'd like you to prayerfully consider to get to know each other more than messaging. That way we can gauge if we really "click" and wanted to go to the next level or not. 😉
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