~Bone of his bones flesh of my flesh~

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Friends who love God and aren't boastful ever so perfect Christian's who seem scorn you. I'm looking for a tall man to befriend I just would like to surround my self with men and friends I am a new convert looking for God loving Christians.
About Me
I'm a Post Opperation Transsexual Woman.
I'm Binary and straight.
Political views are Democrat/Conservative
I'm a woman legally and I physically appear as so and am respected as such. Jesus does say our bodys are the church and temple. I see my self as symbolic and made in christ likeness. I mirror the story of adam and eve so I am happy with my circumstances as a trans woman. I'm not looking for my groom to be unless God blesses me and I'd be honored if not in this life then it's a match made by default. I'm mainly looking for companionship honestly and see where things go. I'm not hyper sexual nor do I do anything unusual so dont try me. I'm looking for Godly men who left there old selves behind. I'm not ashamed of who I am as a woman of trans experience I'm actually very blessed... If it wasn't for me being who I am then I wouldn't really know christianity or christ like I do or think the way I think or get to know about jesus and the soothing words 9f the Gospel and how I can relate to many verses. I believe in a higher purpose and before I recently found Christianity I was still under the umbrella of the Abrahamic faiths. I hope I see the blessings to come in my new life with jesus christ and a member of the Christian faith. I love my self enough to ask you Christian's if you really have love for someone like me with open mindedness outside the stereotypes and politics. I ask for gratitude and respect. Please.

Incase you're looking to bible bash just know I'm slick and have faith beyond belief. I belong to jesus!

Genasis 9
Genasis 19
Leviticus 15
Leviticus 18
Deuteronomy 22
Isaiah 3:9
"Isaiah 56:3-5"
"2 Kings 9:30-37"
"Mathew 19:4-12"
Romans 1:26-32
1 Corinthians 6:9
1 Corinthians 11:12
Revalation 2:20-22

Google it!:)

I leave these here in my defence.
In Jesus Name...
No Lesbians No Gays please. Also no homosexuals. Cheers!!!
Feel free to message me:) Let everything you do be done with love. I'm only human♡
God Bless.
First Date
Central Park. Maby do something you like. Open to suggestions.
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