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**** I'm a Scriptural believer only (2Timothy 3 : 15 - 17) ; I serve the Elohim of Abraham, Yitshaq (Isaac), and Ya'aqob (Jacob). *****

To start off... I'd like to summarize some of the specific Spiritual matters that are important for a special someone to match me well in. I'll just leave it at these 3 major points for now:

(#1) A woman who does not attend any 'church', nor belongs to any religious denomination, group, or organization here on earth. The Scriptures, alone, should be her religion (2Timothy 3 : 15 - 17). If you've been able to identify who "Babylon The Great : The Mother Of The Harlots..." (Revelation 17 : 4 - 5) is, and you understand the Heavenly Father's warning -- "Come out of HER, My people..." (Revelation 18 : 4 - 5), then you'll understand that the Heavenly Father is "calling His people out of" this fallen man-made religious system here on earth.

-- The Set-Apart believers in the early centuries met in houses. Roman Emperor Constantine came along in the 4th century and institutionalized 'Christianity' by setting up buildings called 'churches', which embraced paganism and allowed pagan culture, customs, traditions, and holidays to assimilate into the religion of the Christian 'churches'. Anyone who has studied 'church' history will know this. The only pure faith/religion is the Heavenly Father's Word, which is found in the Scriptures. The word 'church' was very loosely translated from the Greek word 'Ekklesia'. The word 'Ekklesia' is translated as "the called out ones". All throughout Scripture, there is mention of Elohim "calling His people out of" certain things. A good example of the 'calling out' of Elohim's people is found in (Revelation 18 : 4 - 5). The definition of the word 'Ekklesia' (which has been incorrectly translated as 'church') has nothing to do with a religious building that a person can attend every week to worship the Heavenly Father. It does not refer to a 'physical location' (a 'church building'). A person cannot go to 'Ekklesia' ('church') on Sundays (or any other day of the week). EL SHADDAI does not have a 'House of worship' here on earth (Acts 7 : 48 - 50) ;

(#2) A woman who understands we should be keeping the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20 : 1 - 17). and does her very best to do so, including the 4th Commandment, which is to remember the Sabbath (the 7th day of the week) as Elohim's blessed day of rest.

-- The True Sabbath begins on Fri. at sundown and ends on Sat. at sundown. The Sabbath is a 24 hour period of rest ; a blessed day of rest (Genesis 2 : 1 - 3). The Sabbath is also a remembrance of creation, because the Heavenly Father set the example to rest on the 7th day. There aren't any burdensome rules for the Sabbath. Scriptural examples simply show that no work of any kind should be done, no spending money, no buying, and no selling (Nehemiah 13 : 15 - 22). The Sabbath is NOT on Sun-day, which is the 1st day of the week.

-- I don't agree with the mainstream teaching in the 'churches' that the 10 Commandments have been done away with. The Messiah quotes the 10 Commandments on more than one occasion. His disciples/apostles do as well. Yes, this occurs in the so-called 'New Testament'. Messiah taught there was both a physical and a Spiritual component to these 2 Commandments in (Matthew 5 : 21 - 22) and (Matthew 5 : 27 - 28). He quoted 5 of the 10 Commandments to the rich young ruler in (Matthew 19 : 16 - 22). Paul quotes one of the Commandments in (Ephesians 6 : 1 - 3). These are just a few examples.

-- Keeping the Commandments and the Sabbath (which is the 4th Commandment) can never *earn* anyone salvation. But just because there's nothing we can ever do to *earn* salvation, doesn't mean obedience is not important. Obeying the Commandments is important. In fact, keeping the Commandments is the Scriptural definition of how we show our love for the Heavenly Father and His Son. We obey the Commandments because we LOVE Elohim and His Son...

-- The Messiah specifically said, "If you LOVE Me, you will obey My Commandments" (John 14 : 15). Another Scripture correlating us obeying the Commandments to us loving the Father and His Son is found in (1John 5 : 3) ;

(#3) Someone who doesn't celebrate or participate in any worldly pagan holidays that are listed below. If you're a truth seeker and have done your research on the origins of these holidays/celebrations, you'll understand why we shouldn't be participating in them as believers :

-----> Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, birthdays, etc.

-- Christmas was once my favorite holiday, but I stopped celebrating it when I learned it's origins and where it actually came from. It is certainly not the birthday of the Son of the Most High. December 25th was the birthday of the unconquered sun in the sky. It was a day of pagan sun worship instituted by the Romans.

-- (Jeremiah 10 : 1 - 8) describes how the Heavenly Father feels about the custom of "a tree being cut down from the forest and decorated with gold and silver", which is a custom still practiced by people to this day when they bring a christmas tree into their homes and decorate it.

------- -------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------- -------------


***** To be perfectly clear, what I want is to build a close bond with a woman who also wants to build one with me. I'm looking for a serious relationship, which will lead to marriage. I admit that I don't have much interest in having pen pals or engaging in casual conversations that don't lead anywhere. *****

My desire is to find one special woman - an imperfect woman who is perfect for me :) , my "helper" (Genesis 2 : 18), my best friend for life, my love, and a woman who isn't too independent and desires closeness in all areas of life (Genesis 2 : 21 - 24).

I appreciate a woman with a meek (humble) and peaceable spirit, which is of great value in the eyes of the Heavenly Father (1 Peter 3 : 3 - 4). I'm put off by an arrogant or contentious spirit.

It's really important for me to be with someone who is romantic, regularly physically affectionate, and faithful in all ways - faithful with her eyes, mind, heart, and body. It's necessary for me to be specific about these things that I am looking for, because I know everyone is different when it comes to this. Some women are not physically affectionate at all, and others are rarely affectionate ; this is why I wrote "regularly physically affectionate". Some people are also not romantic at all. It would never work if I was with someone who wasn't the same as me in all of these areas.

There are 5 Languages of Love. My primary love languages are physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation (even though I'm probably only supposed to choose one haha).

-- 'Loyal to a fault' is also a quality that I admire in a woman. I think this is a good thing and something that I highly value.

-----> I'm looking for a woman who wants to read the Scriptures, talk about Spiritual matters, and learn together every single day. This should be a priority that comes before everything else in this world. We can encourage each other in this. Our walk of faith should never be a one day a week thing. I've calculated that even if we were to read 5 pages together every day, we could finish the whole Book (from Genesis to Revelation) in ONLY 243.4 days 0_0 haha. This is if, my math is correct, of course :/

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-------------- THE NAMES OF THE FATHER AND HIS SON: ---------------

(Proverbs 30 : 4) asks us, " ... What is His Name, And what is His Son's Name, If you know it? "

To the best of my knowledge at this time...

Yahuah = Name of the Heavenly Father. His Name is shown in the picture section on my profile. It has 4 letters in it. His Name isn't God or LORD ; those are titles. Shouldn't His Name be proclaimed and praised in all the earth? (Isaiah 12 : 4) & (Hebrews 2 : 12). How can this be done if His Name isn't even being taught to people? It is written in the Book that the Heavenly Father's people shall know His Name. For whatever reason, this is rarely taught in the religious 'church' system...

(Isaiah 52 : 6) "Therefore My people shall know My Name..."

***** What's very interesting is that the word "Hallelujah" actually gives us a clue as to what the Heavenly Father's Name is. Most people say this word without realizing it. Hallelujah means "praise Yah". "Yah" is the beginning of the Father's Name. ****


Yahusha = Name of the Son (The Messiah/Mashiach). His Name is shown in the picture section on my profile. It has 5 letters in it. I no longer use the name 'Jesus', as it is written in the Scriptures that the Son of Elohim has ONE NAME that has been given to man by which we can be saved. I understand this ONE NAME to be 'Yahusha'... Interestingly, the letter 'J' is only about 500 years old, but Messiah was on earth about 2000 years ago, so I can conclude that His name isn't 'Jesus' because that name would not have existed back then. No one would have been calling Him that.

(Acts 4 : 12) "And there is no deliverance in anyone else, for there is NO OTHER NAME under the heaven given among men by which we need to be saved."

------- -------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------- -------------

-----> I left the man-made religious system (Babylon The Great) about 8 years ago (2012) and will never return. I've learned more Scriptural truth in the past few years than I had in my entire life previously. This means that I do not attend any church, and do not belong to any religious group, organization, or denomination here on earth. Belonging to a denomination is not Scriptural. The Scriptures are my guide to life (2Timothy 3 : 15 - 17). There isn't a religious group or denomination out there that teaches the complete truth when compared with Scripture. There is always a little bit of truth sprinkled in with falsehoods and UnScriptural teachings.

"However, the most High does not dwell in dwellings (buildings/churches) made with hands." (Acts 7 : 48 - 50)

I'm hoping to find someone who is a Scriptural believer/follower only (2Timothy 3 : 15 - 17), understanding that there isn't a physical place someone can go to here on earth to worship the Heavenly Father. Rather, Scripture teaches it's about "gathering together with 2 or 3 people" (Matthew 18 : 20) to worship in "Spirit and Truth" (John 4 : 24).

I read somewhere that there are over 40 000 different 'Christian denominations' out there, even though (Ephesians 4 : 5) states that there is only "ONE FAITH". This clearly shows the difference between the man-made religious church system and the Heavenly Father's pure faith - His Word, alone. The true faith is not found in church buildings ; it's found in the Scriptures.

I am looking for a woman who has also had her eyes opened and has found her way out of the 'institutionalized church' at this point in her life. Messiah was clear on who His true disciples are .... those who remain in the Word (Scriptures) :

(John 8 : 31 - 32) "If you remain in My Word, you are truly My disciples, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free."

***** I feel that I also need to say that I'm definitely not interested in the Charismatic/Pentecostal denominations, which are becoming one of the fastest growing movements out of all the denominations in the world. Anyone who claims they have the ability to speak in tongues, cast out demons, heal, etc. would not be a good match for me. I decided to write this on my profile, as this seems to be something I am coming across a lot these days in other people. *****

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-----> I'm only interested in a woman who isn't attracted to or impressed with a man's education, status, money, possessions, or other worldly things from this earth. You should have a Scriptural attitude when it comes to these things. Here is what the Scriptures say...

(1Timothy 6 :10) "For the love of money is the root of all evil..."


(1Timothy 6 : 8) "When we have food and covering, we shall be satisfied with these."

^^^^^ I am a lowly man on this earth. I do have an income, but don't have a lot of money, status, or an impressive education. I have enough to get by though, including food and covering (clothes/shelter), so according to this above Scripture, I should be satisfied. If you have these things, hopefully you are satisfied as well. It's far more important to build up treasure in the heavens for ourselves by constantly learning from the Scriptures (Matthew 6 : 19 - 21). For this reason, Spiritual *ambition* in a woman is what holds my attention. There is nothing more important in this world than learning the WORD and doing it (James 1 : 21 - 25). May you be rich in this area!

I don't pray for or dream of houses, vehicles, money, or dream vacations. I just desire the strength to endure to the end (Matthew 24 : 13), someone special to share the rest of my days with and a little bit of joy to come into my life. I know what it feels like to be crushed in spirit by this world. This life has humbled me completely. Satan is currently the ruler of this world (John 12 : 31) & (2Corinthians 4 : 3 - 4), so life will never be easy.

I definitely don't feel at home in this world, but more like a sojourner or pilgrim before Yahuah (1Chronicles 29 : 15), as I try to survive, awaiting His promise of a renewed heavens and a renewed earth in which righteousness dwells (2Peter 3 : 13).

------- -------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------- -------------

***** My marital status is listed as 'divorced' on my profile due to no fault of my own. I don't even like typing that word out (or saying it). It wasn't even a real 'marriage' and only lasted 10 days. What happened to me was completely out of my control and was a humiliating experience. I truly delight in the Word of the Heavenly Father (Yahuah), including His Word on marriage. Even though certain things aren't always easy to talk about, if someone special were to ever come along, I'd do my best to try and open up about this.

If you're right for me, I'd like to assure you that everything that I experience with a woman in the future will be new to me, and will still be very special. *****

------- -------------- -------------------------- ------------------------- --------------------------- -------------

The goal is to find the narrow gate to life, which FEW find (Matthew 7 : 13 - 14). The authentic Set-Apart faith was never popular and never will be. It was always on the fringes of society. Even in the days of Paul (Sha'ul), the true walk of faith was referred to as "a sect" (Acts 24 : 5 , 14 - 15). The modern day 'churches' in Christianity are mainstream, are part of this world, and have billions of members worldwide. All throughout history, the Heavenly Father has only had a remnant of people on the earth who are His. The word "remnant" is used throughout the Scriptures to describe His people (Revelation 12 : 17).

** For the right woman, I'd be willing to take the lead Spiritually ; for a woman who also values and appreciates that. **

~~ If you have sincere intentions, desire to form a serious connection, have read my entire profile, and feel you're on the same walk Spiritually as I am, then I'd love to hear from you. I don't really know how to respond to winks, so if you feel we may be a good match and you're genuinely interested in me, please send me a thoughtful message and let me know. This will also let me know that you took the time to read my profile. Thanks..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - THE END - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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