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The Bible's old testimate is from the Jewish Torah. The Jewish were His chosen people in the old testimate. Jesus was raised Jewish,  preached the Torah and His own teachings from our father. So I am about to share with you some important information few know. Again, research what I am sharing. In Hebrew, the word "Rib" actually means the whole one side of something or half. Woman aren't one part of man, but half. This is why I put "I am looking for my other half" and it has also been an old term from the past. Please read Genesis 2: 16 through Genisis 3: 3. If you don't see it I will give you a hint. When God said to not eat of the tree of good and bad, Adam was by himself. Eve wasn't formed yet. In chapter 3, Eve tells the snake, "We" are not to eat of the tree of good and bad. How did she know that? Easy, she was half of Adam and knew what he knew.
The word "Azur" from hebrew was only used twice for two beings. One was God and the other was woman. The word means helper. This is backed up from the same verses between Genesis 2 and 3. God made Eve to help Adam. You may notice some words are different and that is on purpose from what I have learned. Again, I love meaning and symbolism. I have learned so much and still learning more. I know my other half is out there and I won't settle for anyone else. I'm not saying that in a rude way. I pray you all find your other half and live a blessed life.
If you have any question on how the Bible was written please read the following: 2nd Peter 1: 20-21, 1st Peter 1: 10-11. Yet there are many different interpretations of the Bible out there.
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A quiet place where we can relax and talk. I would prefer an outdoor area and enjoy His creation. If you prefer some place else to feel more comfortable, we can do that. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.
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