I'm Sincere, Experimental, and Faithful.Some of my traits are Integrity, Tact, Endurance, Courage,

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Nanih Waiya
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EAS from USMC as SSgt
Biblical/Tanakh/ancient Hebrew, learning/teaching, exploring, discussions, games, cooking, helping others, scripture, hiking, homesteading, village building, awareness of self and others, experimenting, sense of adventure, creativity, empathy, learning mu
About Me
I'm working to balance learning Tanakh Hebrew, learning the Torah of Yah, applying & living according to his words & ways to include helping others, and getting myself & my house in order.

I desire to also point others to Yah by my actions & words, taking steps to bring true world shalom by all choosing his ways, establishing a place for those⤴️to Yah to come & learn his language & ways, and starting a petition to make Yah's ways the law of...

I grew up in rural Mississippi on a farm with 🐎🎮♟️🏀🏃🏕️and with⛳🎾�"and gardening, and after high school I was in the U.S. Marines for 9 years leaving as a SSgt. My primary jobs were first Aviation Ordinance and second Meteorology and Oceanography. I was a rifle and pistol coach which I enjoyed very much. I also had multiple billets such as base Color Sergeant, LCpl Seminar Instructor, and the enlisted Marine in charge of the Tax Center, and I achieved the level of brown belt in the MCMAP. Please read my poem for a completely different perspective of my past.

I'm looking for a woman that pushes aside man's traditions and seeks Yah with all her heart, soul & everything to live pleasing to him, someone who's content with a minimalistic lifestyle and desires to do the basics such as 🫕🪡, teaching children etc. (But not alone), who's kept herself for her husband and who's refused the COVID vax.

When it comes to the interests and activities, I think in most cases it's more about who I am with rather than what I am doing, but I listed a few in the interests section. The one cut off is learning musical instruments.

I have no children, but I definitely want children.
Reason for hair length - Numbers chapter 6
Reason for the garment I made - Numbers 15:37-41, Deut 22:11-12, and Num 19:19

WApp א (ווב) �-�'ו-א�"ב�"+
+א (ווב) gzו-אhבd

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