Seeking my best friend and lover.

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United States
New York
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A Marriage Partner
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St. Lukes
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Yes but they're grown
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Does Not Want Children
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Masters/Post Grad
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retired RN
Nature, Gardening, Reading, DIY/Building, Kayaking, Camping, Movies, Reading, Cooking a bit, History Buff, Listening to music, Self Improvement.
About Me
Looking for a Christ centered and traditional stye of relationship, call it old-fashioned if you like. Not interested in any form of materialism.

Traits I value, humbleness, compassion, integrity, honesty, loyalty, caring and commitment; these are traits I believe I have and also offer to 'you'.

Not into materialism in any form.

Looking to share a full life with my best friend in a Christian based relationship. I prefer a simple life and some open space in the natural world. I am not into crowds and don't like to always be on the run. Looking for my best friend, greatest champion, lover and partner. Want to have (and be) that person that you can't wait to see and hug and share things with...knowing that they are compassionate, loving, honest, loyal, have your back in good times and tough times...sharing goofy things together that only 'we' a more deliberate and old fashioned lifestyle that works amazing for us.

I have a lot of dreams, one is to share the experience of building a home together that is functional, sustainable, filled with a Christian attitude, love and passions of many kinds...I have the place, just not the right best friend yet. (...and I can pretty much build the whole thing with my skills and experience). What are you dreams of what you would like to share together???

This is just a small little bit of me. What I seek is also what I put forward and offer of myself to 'you'. If your profile is a a list of what you 'want' and expresses nothing of what you offer then we are probably not a match.

My most favorite parts of the Bible are Corinthians and Ephesians.
First Date
Would love to meet for a walk at one of the many beautiful parks in the area. If the weather isn't cooperative then a nice coffee 'date' would be splendid. See what we think and then go from there...
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