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I was raised in a parsonage as a pastor's daughter. I grew up on the Assemblies of God church property. I still miss the old potlucks that our churches used to have. I miss the old hymns and the altar of that little church. We didn't have much, but we had God and there is nothing better than that!

I have a small dog and a cat. I couldn't do without animals. I like really old classic movies, southern gospel music, and oldies. I like comedies. I don't enjoy sad movies because I feel like has enough real sadness without adding sad entertainment. I enjoy reading, singing, cooking, and spending time with my Dad and friends. I actually have had a lot of interests.

I am the full-time caregiver of my 84-year-old Dad who has multiple health issues. I have been taking care of him full time for the last 5 years since he had quintuple bypass surgery. My Mom recently went home to be with the Lord. I don't grieve as those who have no hope, but it still hurts very much. I am struggling a lot with loneliness. Part of me wants to wait until I am not so needy for someone because then it would be easier. However, the other part of me thinks in a successful relationship you need to love, want, and need each other. I know most are looking for bells and whistles, the spark of romance, and fun times. It would be nice, but I want not only that but something deeper. I want to start with being friends and hopefully best friends.

I could save some of this for once we get to know each other better, but there is no reason to waste your valuable time. I might look better in your eyes if I wrote out a perfect profile with something catchy and bubbly. I must be true to what I feel is right though. So if you are looking for a friend then I am your girl. If you are looking for all of the benefits of marriage without the ring and license then you are looking at the wrong person. I am an old-fashioned type that believes in old-fashioned morals. If you are looking at marriage then I might as well level and say what I want. I want someone that loves God, who will love me, and provide spiritual, emotional, and financial support. I have found that taller and older guys tend to be more protective of me which I want. But I am ready for anything that God has for me. I have no intention of working outside of the home. I like being spoiled and taken care of. I will take care of my guy in other ways. I am very much on the affectionate side and like his attention. I have to have someone who likes to cuddle. I want someone that is not critical of me and is easygoing. I want to serve God together, but also want to have fun together. In addition, I am going to keep taking care of my Dad for as long as God blesses me by having him. You may wonder what you get out of a relationship with me...nothing of any earthly value. All I have to give is me who loves God with everything within me, would have a great love for you, faithfulness, my support and encouragement, and a partner for life. There are other things too, but I doubt you want to read a book right now.
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I would rather the guy figure that out.
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