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There are people in this world who will impact us in wonderful ways we cannot imagine. Some we have met, others who are yet to come. My heart desires to meet that girl who will impact my life so completely.... that it turns my world upside down. And in turn, I strive to be that person for her. I want to love someone so deeply that they will always feel truly special. I want someone to know a love so deep they never doubt it. REAL love creates a desire to serve your spouse, it�s not about me. Not because you have to, but choose to, joyfully, because of the genuine love you have for each other. To truly love someone is to put their needs and desires first, period. No relationship, no matter how much two people love one another, will ever be perfect. There will be times for compromise, and rough patches, but the beauty of true love is that neither will give up and I believe that true love really does conquer all.

When a person TRULY loves someone and God is at the center of the relationship, and they are open and honest in communicating with one another, everything else will fall into place. It would be easy to say I want someone who has goals and is caring and things like that, but we all want those things. I want something so much greater and deeper. I want someone who can turn my world upside down...in the most amazing way. I find intelligence sexy, compassion, passion, a woman that can dress up and be sexy, but who is not afraid to get dirty and go camping for instance, roughing it and loving it. I want a woman who doesn't judge me, ever, a woman who desires to understand me, who wants to always dig deeper and pursue me with relentless passion, just as I long to pursue her relentlessly. She is my best friend, she allows herself to be completely vulnerable, because she trusts me, and I her. She looks into my eyes and knows the amazing love I have for her, without saying a word. I want her to always come to me; with whatever she is feeling....fear, sadness, happiness, hurt, whatever it may be. I want her to never be afraid to pour her heart out, to know my arms are always wide open, my heart receptive and in tune with her needs and desires. It would be unfair for me to want those things from her, if I am unwilling to be those things for her in return, so I want to be, and will, even more so.

The hardest thing about being on a website is trying to convey who I am on the inside. I can say that I am very passionate with a sensitive side, and I like to talk about things I feel and listen to the things she feels. I am also very laid back and not as serious as one might think :) I love the outdoors, camping, hiking, riding ATV's, just completely roughing it for a week, etc.....a walk through the trees in the clean, crisp mountain air, does it get any better? I love playing sports, football or volleyball in particular. I think it's important to eat healthy and take care of your body. I have a passion for music. I like to listen to everything, depending on the mood I am in.
First Date
Someplace that is quiet preferably, a place where we can talk and really get to know one another. There are few things quite as exciting as feeling that connection with someone and finding yourselves talking for hours, without a care in the world...smiling the whole time.

Something I wrote....

With each day that passes, I wonder what she looks like, I wonder where she might be and what she might be doing...What is the color of her hair, as it blows freely in the wind....Will her eyes sparkle when she looks into mine....Will her voice be soft and soothing as the words pass through her lips....Is she content in life? Does she too long for that deep love?

What if I die tomorrow? What if I never get to see the beauty that God has chosen for me? What if I never get to hear her sweet and gentle voice? What if I never get to feel the touch of her skin against mine? What if I never get to feel that peace as she lays her head on my shoulders or the smile that my heart longs to have at the very thought of her? Will I never again know the joy of truly loving someone? Oh God please grant me the desire of my heart to love someone beyond both our imaginations...
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