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I hated who i was because i knew i shouldn't have been. Then GOD maybe knocked me down or got my attention, and i asked for forgiveness. It was then i started to "get it", which was about 2009. I am a prodigal and wish i wasn't. But stupid is as...
If you want a good man, keep looking.Β They're out there somewhere. O am a changed one. I was a good husband for whom i was with, but was still not the man i should be and when i became one it was, oh well.
CDFF nicely gives us a format to chat so please don't ask me to go somewhere else right away. Face time at some point if led, but in time. I also got rid of most apps because i understand prophecy tells us to beware technology. Maybe you get prophecy.
Didn't take long to be stereotyped here. I would think we all dislike arrogance, but the proud don't know they are. Don't need any "holier than thou" types or little girls. I played plenty of head games. The same one who criticized my hair and makes up a nickname for me like we're bff's says she is "spiritual" and i am an "entanglement". Um, okay πŸ‘Œ. I don't deserve any of you except maybe her, but she doesn't deserve me.
Asking if you were Christian your whole life is not asking to know your whole life. If you don't want your hair messed up like mine is, you don't need marriage and have to sleep standing up. I spose it's better than hanging upside down πŸ˜³πŸ˜†. Been there. No thanks. Slivers and planks.
I am real everyday people, looking for a real traditional one man one woman marriage. Old school values. Yes, really. She should not just identify as Christian but be one, in other words walk the talk not just talk the walk. She needs to keep me in line at times cuz occasionally i can be stupid silly.
I will feed you when you're sick and honor the traditional vows. Sickness and health, better and worse, but not worser all the time. I am done maturing. I want to semi peacefully grow old(er) with a lady and am not entitled to you for my slave and pleasure. At least not til πŸ’‘ πŸ˜„. Sorry, my sense of humor there πŸ™ƒ.
We all need a little alone time but if it's most of the time maybe consider a cat, not me. If you want to "kick the tires before you buy", go test drive a car and hit on a salesman, many of them will be more than happy to service you. I want to be of service.
If you read all that and still ask me what i am here for or ask me for face time right away, i reserve the right to think you're just another pretty bot 😁 and didn't read any of it. I know texting doesn't show proper emotion or expression so you may not get me. A lot of people don't, including myself.
Probably, you can do better. Then again...depending on your your values and personality. I can't leave home til my caretaking days are done, and even then idunno.
Lastly, if you got "the shot" and aanna push it, that's great! For you but not me. I really do not want to argue over it with mi esposa. If you have remorse, there are resources. GODspeed with your search
First Date
Coffee? A walk in public if you like. Browse and carouse in a mall but i understand if it would ruin your image being seen with me by many people . I know nothing of art, so we can go to a museum and you can learn me. Learn me how to properly grammartize too. Or is that also?
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