"It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman." --John Paul II

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I think it safe to say i am a non conformist, i will fight for what is right, like inoocent kids. And you. I refuse to give in to the ways of the world for the most part. I'm unjabbed if it matters. Few personalities are like mine, i am pretty upbeat with a cereal sense of humor. I want a HOLY SPIRIT hookup and will be proud to have you next to me, not behind me. We will belong to one another under GOD. I want that spiritual agapé love and need a strong woman in the LORD. Wore my hair short most of my adult life when i was doing my own thing, only since about 2010 when the LORD drew me back have i let it grow as GOD looks on the heart and i love to hear from those who say i am not being scriptural 🙄. I am an equal opportunity lover. You are my equal and will be loved unconditionally if given the opportunity so only inquire if you want to be honored and cherished because i fear GOD'S wrath if i do not. That means i am not here to scam you. Wq
I don't get why so many women judge men because they have been divorced, like it's always our fault based on one scripture but you don't know our stories. Is it the unforgivable sin? Do you really think JESUS will send you to Hell for marrying a divorced man? Of course not. You better not be worshiping on a Sunday either 😮. Nor heating your house on the Sabbath. You are missing out on some good men and limiting yourselves. By all means tho if you want to be single your whole life or end up with someone who is a complete fake and treat you badly as long as he wasn't divorced because a single man would never do that to you... Some of us mature and gain wisdom. Not me tho 😉. Matthew 22:36-40, 1 Cor 7:15.
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Coffee is safe. Then we can walk and talk. Then hold hands. While we jump out of an airplane 😳😄. So much for safe coffee...
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