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May 10, 2023: A great photo editor app can make everything look better...except me now. And a lifespan is sure looking like an unlikely amount of time, for me to find the (right) one! I've long felt other ambitions can't hold a candle to being a committed follower of Jesus more than a run-of-the-mill admiring fan...but I fall short. When it comes to a close personal relationship with God, the abundant life "Promised Land" on the other side of the wilderness testing, I certainly haven't made it there... To profess different would be writing a check with my mouth, my rear end just can't cash. 😌 "The road leading to Life, is so difficult...that NOT MANY are finding it!" (Matt 7:14) * I'm on disability, use public transportation...and for separating the wheat from the chaff of those (readers) claiming to love and follow a homeless anti-wealth Messiah who had little money and few possessions...
just how many of them would you suppose have any interest after knowing that disclosure?...

...I'm Dean... And with quite a few more days behind me than before me in a more often than not lonely life, GEEZ I haven't yet by intention or chance run into the needle in a haystack I've been hoping and looking for... The kinda kindred spirit who won't make-believe it's possible to "accept" Christ without forsaking the world. She ain't blind as a mole to, but on the contrary is humbled by HER natural genius ability to "miss the mark". The direction she is aiming towards is guided by the north star of the moral compass of Christ "Treat others the way YOU'D want to be treated". And she couldn't help but perceive a so-called "christianity" that was in a solidarity with the RICH, and white nationalists/domestic terrorists...HAS A MORAL COMPASS AND DIRECTION CLEARLY ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT! 😳 I still dream of a soulmate who values the things money can't buy...things like honesty, trust, open communication. She's probably likewise in want of an elusive audacious raw honesty...that can touch a chord in the heart...stir the soul. You know what I mean?...

*And now I have a "watch video" button that does absobloodylutely nothing... Serious problem that's essentially tying my hands when it comes to interacting with anyone. I am sorry that I am unable to respond.

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