I am a Blind Christian music man with a Guide Dog named Riggs.

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New Brunswick
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At Bottom, I am a music man and a deeply committed Christian but definitely not religious: in fact, I believe that religion is the enimy of Christianity. Having said that though, I love talking about our Husband, brother, and friend Jesus Christ, and to studdy his word.

Rather than inviting one another in our lives, I'm about creating a brand new life as equal partners in Christ's service and Kingdom work: that would take some working out but it's well worth the effort.

I am looking for someone who has mercy in her honesty and who is quick to forgive and move on and who enjoys intelligent conversation. I am looking for someone who will express her love for me both in deeds as well as words: after all, being in love is not the same as loving on someone. In deed, the goal is to lay down our lives for each other.

I am a streight shooter and try to be as transparent as I possibly can. I try very hard to hear my partner's heart and not just listen to the words and I expect the same from my partner.

I am a Bible teacher and a Worship Leader. If you are interested in my music, send me a text message or email and I will send you a link to my YouTube music playlist.

I am looking for that special someone who is able to love me for who I am, and I will certainly do the same for her.

I love life; especially, when shared with another person but I love my space and freedom and would extend the same to my partner. Perfect love can only exist and grow in an environment in which both partys have absolute free will but who choose to turn and walk toward their partner. When I say that I love my space and freedom, I am not referring to leaving the family unit but rather that each person has a place to go in the house for prayer, meditation, or just to be alone by themselves for a while.

In case it's an issue, I am not looking for someone to take care of me: I run my own house, take care of my Guide dog, cook my own food, and do all of the other things one has to do.

I am a very active person: last summer, my Guide Dog "Riggs" and I completed a 71 K walk in southern Vermont: AwesomenessCoolness. I walk on an average of 7-10 Ks every day.

Now it may appear that i don't like to have fun: nothing could be further from the truth: sharing a glass or two of wine and dancing the night away in the living room with the one i love really turns me on. Having a good conversation with friends and the one I love really turns me on as well.

I love technology and have lots of it.

I do like some TV: documentaries, inspiring movies, real news, ETC but I'm more in to people.

Well, that's probably all for now but, if anyone has any questions, whatever they are, shoot me a text or an email and I'll get back to you.

So come on, let's get over the Blindness thing and get on with life.

May God bless all of you and perhaps, you will find your soul mate: I hope so.
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First date: go for a long walk, go for coffee/drink, go for dinner, Whatever.
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