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Have you ever noticed that the word "LONELY" does not exist in the Bible? Lonely is a word that is not in God's vocabulary. He has always existed within the intimate fellowship of the Trinity. God created us, YOU and me to be in relationship with Him through Jesus. If you are lonely please do not try to fill that loneliness with anything but an intimate relationship with Him. It will only lead to a greater/deeper loneliness.

As for me I am seeking my sister and friend who yearns for intimacy and holiness with God first. Not needing to be resqued or to resque others, but trusting in Christ to complete His work. A person who understands that "one body many parts" means that diversity in each other makes us better people and stronger ministers. Ministering to God and others. I have no desire to lead anybody on or play with peoples emotions. Not looking for romance. The long term relationships that I want are the ones that last for eternity, before and with our risen Lord: Jesus Christ.

In 1999 I came home from work to a note on the table, she had taken the children, her pistol, the computer and the cat. They were gone. I had good reason to fear for the lives of my children and the fear overwhelmed my life. Eight months later I was curled up on my bed crying out to God that he would be the Lord of me. In short time people noticed the change in my life. I had grown up knowing I needed salvation. I was blessed to be raised to know that I could not be good enough on my own but I had never made Jesus the Lord of my life. I did not realize that if I did not recognize Jesus as Lord of everything then he would not be Lord of my salvation also. For this reason I cherish the Bible and seek to apply it to all of my life.
My children's mother has since married at least one other man if not more but the scriptures do not give man authority to separate a husband and wife. So I continue to try to live up to my vow to Love, Honor and Cherish. If I did not then I would be a lier and the only person who would be interested in a lier is another lier. Sorry not interested been there done that. Please read scriptures Mat. 5:32, Mark 10:11-12, Luke 16:18, 1Cor. 7:10-13, Gal. 5:19-21 They are in the same Bible that contain the words of life for me.

I will be eternally grateful for her though, for God used her to strip away all the things that I held dear in this life (in an idolatrous way) in exchange for Him.

I have no desire to make Christ my first priority in life. I see a different picture displayed in scripture. Can you imagine a fish waking up in the morning and saying to itself? "Today my first priority is to get into the water and get wet". That would be absurd for if the fish was not in water it would be dead. Like a fish in the water we need to be so immersed, so steeped in the presence of God that anything else is unnatural. Like a fish out of water, gasping, trying to breath we spend most of our days gasping for The Living Water, gasping because we are not immersed in the presence of God.
The fish out of water gasps taking in air but what it needs is to be in the water. I have spent too much time out of the water of the presence of Jesus, gasping, taking in relationships, money, stuff entertainment, and the things that this world has to offer. My desire is to let go of those things that hinder and be immersed in Him. What do you really desire?
Another thought... have you ever seen a fish in the water with dirt on it?

Hey this is a Christian site... How about including your testimonies..... Let us give God the Glory that He is due!

If I focus on what I think that I want I may fail to notice the blessing that God has for me. What do you really want?

I'm not afraid of being judged by Ya'll. There may be some truth to what you have to say and I would rather be judged and repent in this world then the next. Additionally I do so desire that when I look back upon my life I will be able to say that I lived a religious life. (Read James 1:27) Also it was not until the world crept so stealthily into the church, that salvation and religion were synonymous. To loose one's religion was that same as walking away from God. To not be religious was to be unsaved. The Bible defines us not the world.

I admit it. I enjoy surfing this site reading profiles, searching for testimonies about how awesome our God is and praying for people. If I read without sending a note it is not about me liking or no not. More often then not I prayed a short prayer for you and let it remain in the hands of God.

There have been requests for my picture. Please please picture me as the most objectionable looking person you can imagine. I have no desire to attract anyone to me but only to Jesus. It is normal for our minds to fill in the blanks with long distance relationships and make someone out to be something that they are not.

P.S. Please do not send winks. Nobody really knows what they mean and I would much rather be fascinated by what you have to say. And yes I left the spelling and grammatical errors in to bless the OCD gifted. :)
Respectfully Yours in Jesus

Love Always

God has made no mistakes. He created you. He has a plan for your life with Jesus, should you stray from His perfect plan for you. You are blessed with His gifts, given for His Glory, the edification of others and your happiness in Him. You are beautiful, a blessing to those around you and the world. Open up and share your beauty, Please. The world needs the light that you are. The light that God has placed in you in Jesus. Even when you are alone... Know that you are Loved. :)
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