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Hello my name is Say...I am just looking for a friend to talk/chat with first and then see where things will lead to. I not looking to rush into anything because I've hit solid walls many times already. If there is someone out there GOD has planned for me she too will understand. I am old fashion who let's his NO be no and YES be yes. I am a very easy person to get along with, I am a very patient person who doesn't get angry easily, Very honest and a man of my word. Don't like to argue, fuss, fight or raise my voice or any kind of dramas. I'm not saying I'm perfect or anything (far from it) and I'll be the first to admit my flaws (there's a lot) but I do tried my best to live my life and walk with CHRIST the way HE wants me to. I know we can just say all kinds of nice things about ourselves to make it look decent or impressive. As for me I am trying to be pleasing in HIS eyes, for HE sees through us all especially our inner self, so why even lied about it.
I like most sports but fishing and hunting are some of my favorites, I love to spend time with my daughter when I do have her. I like to read and watch movies. I am still a kid at heart and love to play video games every now and then. I can also be serious when need be. Best of all I just love to help/volunteer to help kids to grow up to know and to love GOD. I love to do volunteer work like volunteering every 3rd Sunday of the month in Pre-K at church and other areas, special events involving the church or the kids, feed the homeless and sing in the choir every Sunday 1st and 2nd Service (even though I cannot sing to save my life....hehe: I also enjoy fellowshipping with other believers. I am very sensitive to other people's feeling and always treat others the way I want to be treated.
My daughter is my joy in this world. When I do have her she brings out the silly and childish side of me and I really don't matter much what people think of me than because I'm only trying to be a good father to her, as long as I can make her laugh and smile I'm probably the goofiest person. I have learn that if your heart have been broken and shattered, don't turn to the one that breaks it but turn to the ONE that creates it and He will find every bits and pieces that has been shattered and He will put it back together, have faith and we'll be just fine...reflecting on my past I have come to realized that all these earthly possessions, our friends and even our love ones can turn on us in a heartbeat but GOD is always going to be there no matter what...The Best Is Yet To Come...HE has help me through some tough times these past few years. I have finally found peace in my life now with HIM and in HIM. I do not reflect on the past but look to the future.

I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but since I'd grew up here in the U.S. and have live here all of my life, I would like to meet someone here in the U.S. as well. It's hard enough to meet someone and to get together here, i just think that it would be even tougher to connect with someone outside of the U.S. ...SORRY, I'm not trying to be rude or anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read my files. May God bless you and lead you to that one special person that HE have planned for you.
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