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Hello, my name is Daniel. I am looking for a wife. I am still a virgin because I wanted to be responsible and not do certain things without first being married.

I am looking for a marriage in peace and harmony, and no divorce. I want to find someone who would offer long-lasting companionship. I am looking for someone who I can depend on to be loyal. The best quality a wife could have is loyalty. What man doesn't want a loyal wife? That would be best for starting a family. I'm looking for someone who would be a good mother. I want to build a family, or at least have a wife. Maybe have children also.

I have a very reserved temperament. I don't smoke or drink alcohol and I have no tattoos. People have told me I am shy and reserved. The boss at work once said I couldn't get promoted to a management position because of that. However, years later, I have learned that it would not have been the type of work I would enjoy anyway. I prefer to work as a technician rather than a personnel manager.

Some of my friends and colleagues drink and smoke. If someone offers me a beer, I usually drink half of it and pour the rest down the sink when no one is looking. Sometimes I refill the can with water, so it looks like I'm drinking beer, but I'm actually drinking something healthy. That's my secret though; don't tell anyone. I want to fit in with people, but not become completely like them. I don't like the way beer tastes. It is too bitter. I had a shot of soju while in Korea, and it seemed useless to me. It is an expensive beverage that has no flavor and makes me unable to drive myself home.

Here in America, marriage is almost a joke anymore. 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce here. It's too easy to get a divorce. Divorce would leave me bankrupt and sad. How should I mitigate that risk? I have been told that it is better to marry someone from outside of the USA. I have known people who married women from China and Japan, and they were happy. I would be open to meeting someone from the USA also, but I want to meet someone who has a conservative upbringing.

I like to go bike riding, hiking, and doing other things outdoors. Sometimes I go fishing. I like to stay active.

I don't play video games or watch sports on TV.

I have traveled and lived in a few different countries. I lived in Japan, Qatar, Korea, and Turkey (in that order). I have lived in a few different states in the USA.

I like to listen to classical instrumental music and jazz. I don't like rap, hip-hop, or R&B. The only type of music that I enjoy is the type that is calm and relaxing.

I have a skilled trade job. I've been working as a telecom technician. I'm financially stable and I have no debt.

I am studying Spanish. I listen to the lessons as I drive to work every day.

My IQ was measured as 125. I studied engineering in college. My current job is somewhat satisfying, but does not require electronic knowledge. I want to start working as an electrician in a factory and program PLCs, so I can use more of my skills.

I am 170 cm (5'7") tall and weigh 69 Kg (149 Lb). I am slender and I lift weights at the gym. I do not have the body type of a weightlifter but I maintain some strength that way.

I wear clothes that look nice, but modest.

I don't actually own a dog. The dog in the photograph was our mascot at my workplace in Korea. I have my arm wrapped around her because she is an energetic husky breed and that was the only way to get her to hold still for a photo! I had just run 5 K with her but she was still full of energy.

If you simply want to practice your English, you can message me for that. It's interesting to hear from people from other parts of the world. I like to exchange post cards also.
First Date
It doesn't really matter. We could have a simple date at first. We could get some coffee or some ice cream. We could walk around at the park. We could meet at church. Or you could bring one of your friends with you if it would make you more comfortable. Or I could meet your parents. Those are the type of dates that I have been on in the past. I like being able to relax and talk. I won't do anything that would make you uncomfortable.
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