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Galatians 7: You reap, what you sow.

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I save lives for a living.
Investigations, work, Sherlock Holmes, World War Two, History, Trains, Planes and motorcycles, Pawn Stars, swimming, horses, rodeos, pool, museums, hiking, window shopping, tennis, volleyball, the beach, kissing, etc...
About Me
I just moved to Oklahoma and am seeking new Christian friends and guides as to what's to do out here fun...
:) I'm here for my friendships, and to support those who are real and hoping to not be single. It's possible, but it takes a lot of patience, and takes a lot of FAITH.

I'm a musketeer. Knights have to fight for honor, for money, for a woman... but the musketeer is always by your side, trying to flirt with you and has you help him fight those against the both of you... Which would you rather have? Besides, with a musketeer, you don't have to worry about how to get him off the horse or out of the armor to kiss him! lol That's what my girl will love. We work together, we love together, and we are a pair.. It's nice when you have your best friend and your sexiest lover all in one, ALL focused on living by God's words and ideals.
Tell me about you, I'm truly interested in becoming your friend! True love can happen guys, and DOES. Keep believing and have faith, YOUR time is coming! Mine next!
First Date
I'm single, have been for awhile now, seems finding a needle in the haystack is pretty tough!

I'm getting tired of the Non-Christians on here pretending to BE "Christian"... Stop attacking others, it's not what Jesus says is RIGHT!!!! I'm not part of your Drama so leave me out of it!
Act as Jesus would, not Judas.

The Usual Response:
Warning: It has been said that I am opinionated. I may not agree with your line of thinking. Please understand I appreciate your opinions but do not need to have someone attack me needlessly end over end trying to get me to see things "their way." I ask you to allow me to hold my own beliefs dear, as I allow you. If I bother you, keep your mouth shut and just ignore me or leave. PEACE be with you.I can't please everyone ALL of the time nor do I expect you to agree with what I have to say. I respect your opinion even if I do disagree.
Note: I do not give you my permission to post or type anything online or offline we may have discussed in written or verbal form without my direct, explicit consent. Any attempt to do so will be a Terms Of Service (TOS) agreement violation and may get you banned from the site without my knowledge. You've been warned.
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