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***** I am no longer in the United States and it says Texas because I was there when this profile was created. I moved from there and i now live in my home country of Mexico. its where I am originally from.

I know you been through a lot. I know you made a lot of mistakes. I know you been through trials and error. So have I. Now think about this: Your past does not define you. God didnt say "You're a failure". He said "I will strengthen you". He didn't say "There is no hope for you". He said, "I have a plan for you". He didn't say "You're worthless". He said "I can still use you". The truth is no matter what we done or who we are, God can STILL use us for his glory. Remember, the light cannot be extinguished by the darkness.

Stop looking for the perfect man because you're never gonna find that perfect man. You're never gonna find the perfect match. You're never gonna find that Mr. Perfect at all. And why? Because perfection doesn't exist, that's why. No man or woman comes comes with perfection. We're all imperfect. The ONLY one who is perfect is Jesus and Jesus only.

Im not gonna write out a paragraph telling you about my personality because I already know that people usually don't read anymore these days. It's usually about the face that people look at. If you don't look good enough for anyone then it's on to the next person. Don't you think it's sad how people judge for the appearance?. I know it is. I do believe there should be physical attraction but you can't possibly base your ENTIRE view on one's appearance. There should be a balance between physical and character.

I believe in long distance relationships. I believe it can work out with anyone and anywhere. People say it can't work out. I disagree because it CAN. The reason why long distance doesn't work for some peope is because people are so lazy to communicate. At this day in age there's no excuse not to be able to try to communicate because look around you, there are options to talk with people. Theres Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, fb messenger, and others to help you communicate with people so there no excuse for not communicating.

At 34, I never been married. I never been engaged and I don't have children. Never. Some people don't want to date others because of the other person being separated or divorce or having children. I don't mind dating someone with children. I don't mind being a father figure if it ever came to that. I don't mind being with someone just because they were divorced. As i said, people aren't perfect and neither are marriages. Some marriages succeed for a very long time and some marriages fail. Just because a marriage failed doesn't mean that person can't be given a second chance. I'm not saying I want a divorce with a woman or that it's okay to get one, im just saying marriages aren't perfect. Life isn't perfect for no one.

Last but not least. If you really wanted to "explore" my personality then you would attempt to message me and not be afraid to have a conversation with me. I'm not saying that women should initiate the conversation at all times, I'm saying if you like what you read than you can feel free to message me. That's the purpose of getting to know someone.

Have a beautiful day. Okay ?

Read Psalms 62 1-3.
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I wont take you to the movie theater. i dont want to get to know the movie or the actors. i want to get to know you and your personality. I think there is a peaceful place called a park.
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