Feb 18, 2008

met someone and want to see how it works out

D.C. Feb 17, 2008

I have found the GODLY MAN that I prayed for.

When you pray and are specific GOD will bless you tremendously!

I love ROLAND!

C.W. Feb 17, 2008

I've met a really great guy on here, so we're focusing our attention on one another and see what happens.

But thank you and your site and God for bringing us together.

T.G. Feb 15, 2008

I finally found her and praise God she is going to be my wife very soon.......

Thank You Lord and Thank you Christian Dating For Free!!!!!!!!

B.S. Feb 5, 2008

The Lord blessed me with a helpmate!!!!

Thank you Jesus!

R.G. Feb 4, 2008

She is wonderful! So wonderful!

C.S. Feb 2, 2008

Thank you, I found a very wonderful person.

G.G. Feb 1, 2008

Met someone on this site...thanks!!

J.H. Jan 31, 2008

I just wanted to say thank you.

I never thought I would use the internet to meet someone and I have only been on your site for about one week.
But I am talking with several people and thats a start. Because of this site I have hope that meeting someone is possible.

Thank you!

K.K. Jan 30, 2008

Praise God!!

I have met a Godly man worthy to follow through your site. It is a true blessing and answer to prayer.

We are serving in the same ministry and feeling the blessings of the LORD!

I was hesitant to even sign up on a site, but how else was I going to meet a Christian man serving the LORD.

I cannot thank you enough for providing this clean Christian site. What an awesome way to fellowship prior to commitment.

I ask GOD for blessings upon your site and wish you the very best.

May the joy and peace of the LORD be with you always.
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