J.G. Feb 24, 2008

I would like to be removed from the profile, I don't want any more contacts I have found the love of my life, which I found on your web site.

I humbly thank you, I have truly been Blessed, I found that love is worth taking a chance!

GH has fulfilled my dream, thank you for making this possible, may God Bless You!

J.R. Feb 24, 2008

Have a wonderful, beautiful girl that I have met. Thanks for your site.

D.S. Feb 22, 2008

Just want to say that this is by far the best Christian dating site I have been on.

The men on here have been more than polite and decent in their conversation.

I have only been on this site a couple weeks and have already found a nice guy right here in my own city that I would like to

Within a few days if things continue to go well I will be deactivating my account.

Just wanted to say thank you for this site and bringing people together at absolutely no cost.

Truly you have been a blessing to many.

God bless.

D.G. Feb 18, 2008

I met my boyfriend on this website!!

Feb 18, 2008

met someone and want to see how it works out

D.C. Feb 17, 2008

I have found the GODLY MAN that I prayed for.

When you pray and are specific GOD will bless you tremendously!

I love ROLAND!

C.W. Feb 17, 2008

I've met a really great guy on here, so we're focusing our attention on one another and see what happens.

But thank you and your site and God for bringing us together.

T.G. Feb 15, 2008

I finally found her and praise God she is going to be my wife very soon.......

Thank You Lord and Thank you Christian Dating For Free!!!!!!!!

B.S. Feb 5, 2008

The Lord blessed me with a helpmate!!!!

Thank you Jesus!

R.G. Feb 4, 2008

She is wonderful! So wonderful!
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