S.B. Jan 15, 2008

I never in my dreams thought that God would bless me with my future wife as a result of a dating site.

I signed up here and on other sites to make new friends and share new encouragements, however God had a different plan.

Whilst i would love to continue making new friends here, be an encouragement on the forums etc.. my heart is telling me to delete the account and focus only on HIM and the one who i truly believe is the wife he has always had planned for me.

I have made some great friends here, and have enjoyed the experience this site
has offered me.

T.L. Jan 15, 2008

I found someone very special on this site and we are going to be married soon!

Thanks very much!

K.K. Jan 14, 2008

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help and your site.

It provides a safe environment for followers of Jesus Christ to mingle :-)

S.A. Jan 11, 2008

I found the most amazing man ever here!!

My search is done... thank you so much!!

R.J. Jan 11, 2008

I just married the woman I met on this site.

Thank you for letting God work through the internet.

H.K. Jan 9, 2008

Please delete my profile from your site. I have entered into an exclusive relationship with someone I met here.

We are both walking together and seeking the Lord about our future together.

Thank you so much for your site.

L.P. Jan 9, 2008

you have a wonderful site....which anybody can enjoy.

thank you so much for everything.

E.H. Jan 9, 2008

Thank You for this site.

It was instrumental in finding someone special.

We have both left this site and are seeking the Lord about our sharing a future.

God Bless

J.S. Jan 7, 2008

I found a great guy.

Don't know what will happen, but there's no one that I could meet better. So, I'm done.

Thank you!

M.B. Jan 1, 2008

I recently contacted you and stated that I had met someone on your site and became engaged.

I now want to inform you that we are now married.

Thanks alot!!! I never knew that it would happen this way.
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