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Hip hop(Especially Christian Lecrae, KB, Reach Records, Pariss Charizz, Wordsplayed, Joey Vantes,God Over Money and so many more...😐), Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots, FlyLeaf, Ok music in general :p,Bible and words of Jesus, games,Bible interpretation,
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Will try to make this thing as dope as possible later, or at least provide something interesting to read, just wanted to browse around, check out the chats and stalk for awhile (That's not creepy at all... Definitely won't scare anyone off... lol) Looking to connect or maybe even work with those of a similar mindset and goals (Into illustration? Make music? Hit me up), and when the times right find a missing rib... Best wishes to everyone here, may God be with you, careful and take care.

{***Under Construction...***}

(More Interests): NFL, NCAA (RIP Sports 2020, thanks Covid-19), XFL, Nutrition/health, cooking, Japan, Youtube, Self improvement, How scripture applies & is relevant to today/society/prophecy, chasing goals, art of many kinds (painting, drawing/cartoons, performance etc.), books (trying to get back to reading consistently once things settle down & making some of my own), cats & dogs, human society/civilization, psychology/psych analysis/personality disorders, apologetics, gothic aesthetics, cyberpunk, etc... To be continued

(Theology & Beliefs): Trinity (1×1×1=1), Careful about the entertainment I allow to keep around and have some standards; Try to avoid witchcraft/sorcery/spiritism & the like (At least if its esteemed as a good thing. Theres a lot of solid shows/movies/books out there that promote good but have these elements. I give them credit for that but cant have it in the house or promote it in good faith. Harry Potter comes to mind, use to own all the books (Ravenclaw here) and more but cant cosign it anymore respectfully, i know a lot of folks would disagree, particularly in the Christian community but this is where im at ), things that promote things contrary to scripture, porn/borderline pornographic material/appeals to lust for the sake of it (use to let a lot if that slide but not so much now), body is the temple so do the best you can to take care of it, we're accountable to God for our choices, its a mad deceptive world 🌎, scripture is Gods road map & love letter to humankind; though tough to understand is necessary for life (man shall not live by bread alone but every word from the mouth of God), to be continued...

(Quotes): "Adults are just children who earn money."-Kenneth Branaugh

"But I dont want to go among mad people" said Alice. Oh You cant help that" said the cat "we're all mad here."

Ecclesiastes 9:3 This is an evil in all that is done under the sun, that the same event happens to all. Also, the hearts of the children of man are full of evil, and madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

"If a person gave away your body to some passerby you'd be furious. Yet you hand over your mind to anyone who comes along so they may abuse you leaving it disturbed & troubled-have you no shame in that?"-Epictetus

"There are a lot of evils in this world, but theres nothing worse than an evil mind."

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." -Tolstoy

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibrations.-Tesla

"The worlds corruption is a result of its defiance."-Warren Wiersbe

In those days in Israel there was no king in Israel; Everyone did what was right in their own eyes Judges 21:25

Ephesians 6:12
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I dunno... I'm a homebody lol Maybe play some games, Dave and Buster's, somewhere both of us happen to like, fairly easy going that involves an activity and getting to talk over things we mutually like. Talk theology and biblical topics, goals and hopes for the future.
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