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Hi! My name is Bethany..I think that's a good place to start. I'm having to re-do some of what I previously posted...went to make a small edit and unfortunately some of what I posted was accidentally deleted somehow..I'll do my best to re-write as it start off with something good, I'm a very loving and affectionate young woman. Two words that I have heard people say to describe me many times over the years are that I am sweet and strong..I think both of those are pretty good . I can say that should you find your way into my heart you will be loved deeply..I would like to think moreso than you may have ever been by another person. I just know the amount of love that is stored up in my heart for the one I hope to share my life with...

Now to something you need to know...I have some physical issues that effect my mobility...basically I am a "walking miracle" as doctors originally told my mother I would never walk (unfortunately due to a mistake that they made shortly after my birth). I didn't walk until I was five years old, after years of holding onto faith in prayer. I took my first steps on November 24,1988 (which happened to be the date of Thanksgiving that year!). To put it lightly, the years since then have been far from easy, and currently I am in what has been a 7yr+ battle of relying on a walker since a corrective surgery that was supposed to make me able to walk better than I ever have....the walker was supposed to be gone after 2-3 months of physical therapy. There have been moments over the 7+years of God making me able to be free of the walker for short periods of time after prayer or during times of worship, but it has yet to be's definitely a spiritual battle!. However, as I have known since I was a little girl, just because doctors don't have answers, doesn't mean God doesn't, and He's my Daddy and He's going to make this princess of His COMPLETELY able to accomplish all that He calls me to (which includes a ministry that I have always seen with my husband by my side in a partnership that will be amazing and show all that we encounter what our God wants to do for His royal daughters and sons! It really saddens me and also makes me even more angry at the enemy (that we have every right to be angry with) to see brothers and sisters so deceived to think that God actually wants them to accept things like sickness/physical disability when those things were never his intention for us! I long to have a ministry when my healing is fully manifest that brings healing to others and takes the blinders off the eyes of the church to see all that our loving Daddy has for us and that He WANTS to see us free and whole in Him!

Ok, I'll get off my soapbox...for a As you can probably sense, I am a passionate person! Anyway, I hope you can see why this struggle would take it's toll...there other things that have come along over the years and dealt their blows..but I would just say that it would be such a comfort to have someone by my side on what (for now) is a very difficult journey, in many ways...someone who will fight for me as I will for him, joining in the "worse" with complete faith that we WILL see the "better" together, and looking towards those beautiful days.

Side note(s) I have Irish and German ancestry that I am aware of and once a complete stranger asked me if I had Irish in me and when I told her I do she said she could see it (I'm rather proud of that)...also I just couldn't resist adding it just in case...I have a weakness for British guys...and in my heart England is "home"..specifically my heart feels at home in the North, especially around the Liverpool area as God planted it in my heart when I first visited in 2012 and He connected me with the man that I now call my "Papa" (It's really pretty amazing how that connection occurred as well, it proved to me that it is possible to meet someone and just "know" that they are meant to be in your that gives me hope for the same in romantic connection as well )...and if it so happens that the "one" for me is reading this, he's praying for you by the way💗...ok...I guess I'll end it there and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
First Date
I enjoy simple dates right now...going for a walk..perhaps take me me around your favorite place🙂. If the walker was gone I'd love to just wander around somewhere holding your hand and talking...maybe stop and play on some swings if we happen to go by a park(because I still have a little girl heart in me that enjoys those things😊).
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