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Health,nutrition,GOD,TRUTH,HERBS,documentaries,true stories
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I am looking for a commitment and will give a commitment to the woman that is real and honest.

If we have the interest and the CHEMISTRY, then hopefully, there will be a commitment possibility for each of US!

There is NO time for GAMES or foolishness. If you are seeking a real and true relationship then we would be looking for the same thing.
If you just want to have a good time then MOVE ON!

You must be in Arizona in the PHX Metro area. I am not interested in a long-distance relationship.

TRUTH is VERY IMPORTANT to me and I hope to YOU also!

I am 64 years of age.

I have been a vegetarian for about 45 years. Even though for that period of time I was far from being a purist.
My diet currently is vegan.

I do not eat ANY GMO foods. My food must be non-GMO project certified and/or organic. The food that I eat is about 35% raw, cooked food is about 65%. I need to eat more raw foods, but my schedule makes it rough... My diet is totally Biblically Clean!

I am a serious-minded Christian for about 7 years and I have been keeping the Sabbath for about 5-6 years. No, I am not Jewish and no the Sabbath is not just for Jews. The Sabbath was put in place before there were Jews and it started at “CREATION”. You should not be surprised; I stated that I was a serious Christian and I was not kidding!

In the past, I partied quite a lot, but those days are long gone. Those times were before I was on my CHRISTIAN Journey. My life is much different than it was years ago!

I do not own a TV and I do not watch mainstream movies. Hollywood is not our friend; they just want to brainwash us and take our money. There is a lot of information online to prove as to just how EVIL Hollywood is.

The media as of 2020 has done a good job creating Hysteria and scaring people over a virus. What about H1N1, Zika, and SARS? People did not act back then the way they are acting now over this current virus. What is different?

We have had viruses for a very long time and strange as it might seem we cannot LIVE without them! Look up the microbiome!

When I am not working, I watch Bible Sermons and lectures on God and His Word.

I am interested in information on Health, Food, and Cancer. I have a website that is full of information and does not SELL anything.

Imagine that!

It all about FREE information about the truth about many things.

The TRUTH is ALL that matters, but sometimes it is hard to find in this world of lies and deceptions.

I am looking for a lady that is interested in the same things as I am and might be intrigued by some of the information about my life and my interests. I am seeking companionship and a long-term relationship.

I am living a Christian life and I intend to for as long as I have breath in me.

The most important character trait that I am looking for is: “a good loving heart” and I want someone who is a CHRISTIAN and lives by the LAWS of GOD! ALL TEN of THEM!
First Date
First date.....mmmm I am not sure. It has been a very long time since I went on a date. Maybe dinner at a restuarant that serves vegetarian food that is also organic. Possibly a movie based on a real story. Just go to the park and learn about each other. How about going to church on the Sabbath...
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