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Hello, I'm not into chasing worldly things at all. I have been on some of the mainstream secular dating sites and could not stand it. Every day the experience was ninety-percent of the people on there are into what I call the "5-things" - dogs, sports, travel, restaurants and money. Self-centered money-chasers and gold diggers etc. We should be Christ-centered not self-centered. I do have well-trained well-behaned indoor-only cats but that is not because I sought out to have pets, it is because God created them and gave them to me. I have learned so much from taking care of them every day.

The dilemma for me: everyone seems to "have a dog" I don't know what to do about that other than to keep looking and praying. I have a low income because of age-related health limitations and the qualities I can offer for a lack of better words are the non-monetary qualities: dependable, thoughtful, loyalty, caring, will-answer-phone, keeps things clean, things like that. I would be better-suited as a house-husband I suppose. I'm very good at taking care of household responsibilities like daily cleaning, organizing, meals, fixing things so much of the stay-at-home stuff, that I feel I should communicate that in my profile.

I get by on very little and I'm happy with very little. I used to work full time and had a generous income but health limitations have scaled that back. So now I'm praying about what I have to offer and the responsibilities of life. I believe it is much better to read one scripture and think about it for 100 days (or more) than to read 100 verses and only think about them for one day.

I'm not really interested in "dating" per se' - but rather the well-defined process of getting to know someone first through messaging, then possible by phone conversations, then through meeting and sharing normal activities and fun. The way a friendship and relationship would naturally develop, slowly with comfort and stability. I have not gone on a "date" in many years because I'm just a mostly quiet person that has been self-employed working with computer consulting and music all the time.

I just want to be sincere and realistic in this profile and in marriage, with God daily showing me how to cooperate, be accepting, to prefer one another, to work as a team. I would say the main thing would be, two people that pray together daily about EVERY THING. God has given me a vision about a husband and wife that pray together every day about everything that comes-along in the relationship and marriage, whether it be in person or a 3-minute prayer over the phone, things like "I know that sounds difficult, let's pray about it right now" or "I know we disagree on this, let's pray about it right now" - two people that can keep that going every day for a lifelong marriage. That is my desire and hope. Thank you for reviewing my profile!
First Date
I prefer to meet in a sincere low-key humble setting like a coffee shop, deli, bookstore quiet places like that not based on money or fancy expectations. I think it would be great on a first date to ask someone nearby if they need prayer, and if someone nearby gave their life to Jesus and we prayed for them. I'm easy-going to talk with on a first date - it's best to think of meeting as "friends first" anyways - it's mostly true anyways and helps makes the experience relaxed, comfortable and fun.
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