Only one is good, GOD. (Matt 19:17)

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About Me
Sooo, this may sound a bit peculiar however I assure you it is with the absolute best intentions as I desire to abide in truth and be aligned with the will of the one and only GOD JESUS.

I was transformed by JESUS 18yrs ago and in my choice to pursue truth and be committed to JESUS I have had amazing mind-blowing encounters that most never will, experiencing an abundance of miracles, signs and wonders! I have known for a long time that I was chosen to be a minister, however more and more throughout the past few years I have found myself being unable to abide in a traditional worldly routine. I have to be outspoken about Christ I have to be bold and unashamed of Truth, because of this I have been let go of work opportunities, not because I was unreasonable or inappropriate, but simply because I spoke about JESUS. Sadly either that company did not recognize the necessity of open communication about GOD, or someone I spoke to being led by evil chose to speak accusation against me and caused me to lose that opportunity.

I desire a wife, a partner, a helpmate...
I believe that there is such a thing as a soulmate( two parts of one soul meant to be reunited on earth) but it only abides in Christ.
I do not believe that the man needs to be the main source of financial support in a marriage, I believe that the man and woman are meant to be supportive of each other and that support can be provided in various ways. As is declared in the Holy Bible, the woman is regarded as a (helpmate). The terminology helpmate if understood properly is not a discredit to the status of the woman, it rather reveals the necessity of the role of woman woman in regard to the progress that GOD intends for her to be a part of being a vital support to the man!

My level of commitment to Christ makes it a challenge to produce a substantial flow of monetary substance. I will not sell/ charge for the wisdom/knowledge of GOD! This being said, I have wondered if JESUS has intended for me to be partnered with a woman who would be able to provide monetary support while I would be able to provide the strength of spiritual support😇 in our home, along with various other forms of support as a devoted husband😍.

Iam not looking for a sugar momma, Iam a man of GOD hoping to be partnered with a woman of GOD, either young or mature in Christ, but having a desire to receive more spiritually and a willingness to be submissive to her husband,
not as a slave but rather as a humble woman who truly respects her husband as her head.

I want to be an awesome husband who loves my wife with all my soul, mind and body with with all my strength! As is declared: I will love my wife as Christ Loves HIS bride/church😇🙌🏾

If what I am communicating makes sense to you and you believe you could be that very special supportive woman of GOD who desires to be a strong support to a true man of GOD, I encourage you to reach out to me❣️😇.

With your best in mind,
The truest of brother, friend and lover
First Date
I will really want you to feel special, I will go out of my way to make everything just right! I'am adventurous and romantic! I enjoy many activities so not exactly sure what we will do, but our time spent together would have texture, LOL! No room will be made for boring, that is for sure!
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