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License Daycare Provider
Riding my Bike, Writing, Reading, Traveling, going to the Observatory, watching Jets take off into the sky, that's so cool and other things.
About Me
I'm nothing without the Lord and I'm everything because of him. We truly are imperfect human beings but knowing through our ups and downs. That we can turn to the Lord, is truly a blessing.

Respectfully, if you are not a Christian and a man who has no relationship with our Lord and Savior. Then you are not for me.

Laughter makes me Happy and honesty is a word you should live by. It's nice to just let the conversation flow.
I have two grown children and a 17 yr old. All three of my children are close to my Heart.

My prayer is to meet a person who kindhearted, who understands my sensitive nature and love for others, has a love for Family, loves to laugh, and is spontaneous in planning cool things to do. A man who is non-combative and not one to argue. But instead works out any issue, with prayer and good communication.

In saying that, if you are a man of Integrity. Then you will be a man who is consistent in his words and actions. Psalms 1 vs 1 thru 3. Speaks of a Godly Man and that is what I seek.

Don't seek a Godly Woman if you are not a God Fearing Man!.

Do not call me (Dear). Especially if you do not know me.

PS: I'M NOT ON HANGOUT! But Scammers Are!
No Profile Picture. No Communication

1. I believe in good Hygiene, unfortunately it's sad I have to say this. But if your Profile picture looks like you don't care about your looks or haven't bathe. I'm not interested.

2. Please don't ask me to call you, only for you to say you're to tired to talk. Find someone Else!
3. If your not serious don't bother leaving me a message.
4. If you are a Scammer. You are Banned!
5. If you aren't a Hard Worker or Successfully Retired. Keep it moving!
6. If you say you're a Christian but your walk and words Fall Flat! You are not the one.
7. If your Profile is a sentence or two. Nope won't work!
8. Do not send me a Fake Picture or Raggedy Picture of you looking a Complete Mess. Unacceptable!
9. It's not Godly to expect for a Women to take care of you. I am not your Meal Ticket. Their is an order and a role a Godly Man should live by. If you don't believe that. Keep turning pass my profile.
10. If all this sounds like its to much. Good, I don't have to worry about you leaving a message.
God Bless
11. It you only want to Communicate by texting. Keep turning the page.
First Date
Going on a picnic, overlooking a beautiful lake, sitting on the grass, listening to jazz. Maybe a dance or two. Talking, eating, and possibly planning our future ahead, while watching the Sunset.

If you can't do Video with me. Bye Bye!
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