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I'm a guy that was raised with old fashion values and morals that i still believe in to this day.I joined this site in the hopes to find someone with morals and values like myself wich seems to be hard to find on other free online dating sites.I'm old school and proud to say it.I want a real relationship and something longterm with someone who will be interested in what i can bring to a relationship in terms of how i treat them and not just what i can bring financially to the table.I am a romantic at heart.I want to find something real and a true connection with just one women.I believe when your in a relationship you should always make your partner feel special,loved and appreciated at all times.I show respect to the women i'm with and expect the same in return.I'm very faithfull and want a women who is that way also.I also have a good sense of humour and appreciate that quality in others.If you want to know more dont be shy to say hi.I am french but can speak english very well.And by the way i feel i have to say this cause ever since i joined this site i have been flooded with messages mostly from womens who live very very far and more often then not from regions like nigeria and stuff.I'm not naive and know that the only reason why someone would mostly message someone who live so far from them when they could meet someone closer is to scam someone in some way or another.So with that said if your a scammer or a lady looking for a green card to find a man to marry so you can move to this country please pass me by.I'm not gullible and i dont really want to get married anyways.
First Date
Well i believe a first date could be simple just a chance to talk and get to know one another.Could be a walk in a public erea or something like that.But right now with the pandemic either a meeting would be arrange only further down the line or done by keeping with social distancing.
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