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Hello all.

I believe the gift of falling in love can happen when two people can be totally accepting of each other. And to do that, we need to find a partner with enough in common in those areas that matter most to us. i.e. Given that foundation, then perhaps real acceptance is possible.

The foundation I seek would include, most importantly, being a true Christian, (there's a lot to that!) and eating organic food, aware, and a giving, compassionate person. Being a giver, myself, I have learned that it is essential that I am with another giver, not a taker...

My foundation, of course, includes trust, honesty, good and gentle communication, and a wonderful shared intimacy, and affection. All of these are important to me.

People want to be in love, but often don’t understand how we fall out of love. Falling in love can happen when a couple has a deep mutual acceptance of who each other is, and when they understand how to honor each other through mutual support, being each other’s best friend, being trust-worthy, compassionate, pulling one’s own weight, being giving...

When there are things that feel unsafe; hurts that go unresolved; passive-aggressive communication or flippant disregard... these things put "bricks in the wall." Enough bricks, and you find yourself with a wall of self-protection and then we can no longer feel our love for our partner. It's a natural defense mechanism, and it can happen so easily, unconsciously. Then we wake up one day and feel like, "I've fallen out of love."

I believe that if both people are seeking to do the right thing, seeking to find a middle-road, then God will create a way for that circumstance to work out. There is a magic to this metaphysical universe... This also holds for challenging communications and-or disagreements. Look for a way to meet half-way and if we both seek sincerely, we will find it. And where we may disagree, if we seek sincerely for understanding, then we will find greater understanding, which brings about a greater acceptance of each other. I believe we all want to be understood and accepted for who we are, not have someone always pulling at us trying to change us or bend us to their will.

Put these together as a foundation, and a couple can have a love that grows with time...

Having a successful relationship means understanding these dynamics and that, as each other's closest friend, we are more vulnerable to each other, and pushing each other's buttons might hurt more than with anyone else. So the question is whether we can have the awareness to understand that "my buttons go with me, wherever I go." If we can support each other with gentle communication; if we can be brave enough to go within, to be introspective; to peel another layer of our own onion and own our own stuff, then maybe we can avoid putting bricks in the wall.

The choice is ours: Either we're building walls or we are peeling the layers of the onion. I seek to walk within the crossroads of God's truth, good, love and compassion. One final note is to say that relationships need to be fed, much like our relationship with the Lord, although that's a whole other thing, of course. The point is that it is a choice for a couple to feed the relationship every day to keep it going, alive, loved. There are few gifts a person could have as wonderful as sharing it with a spouse and best friend and love.

I can't wait to meet you, Lord willing!

Note: I am one of those who is into knowing the truth of what's going on through non-corporate sources of real news and info, and I am a prepper. I believe God helps those who help themselves.
First Date
Meet somewhere for a cup of tea or to share a meal at an organic restaurant, or maybe go for a hike in nature. Somewhere we can talk without too much distraction.
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