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A Long Term Relationship
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Sure, why not
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Hospital Unit Coordinator
... living out my favorite verse (Psalm 118:24)
About Me
Hi, my name is Joy. I'm a single mom (never yet married) of one teenage boy. He's such an awesome person and it's my privilege to be his mom!

I am: creative, generous, approachable, talkative

I am not: materialistic, athletic, manipulative, intimidating

My friends would describe me as: funny, articulate, responsible, knowledgeable, 'kind of a hippie', 'the mom of everyone'

Qualities I would like my partner to have:
- kind, sincere, helpful, dedicated to the ones he loves
- has healthy friendships (or wants to develop them)
- has a progressive sociopolitical attitude (fancy words for what is known as 'liberal'? I just can't abide intolerance and hate)
- drinks alcohol only occasionally (I drink alcohol rarely and have suffered alcoholism/addictions in my extended family)
- has kids (of any age) at home or not at home or grown & flown (all are ok with me)

Interests: documentary films, podcasts, holistic wellness, tabletop gaming, baking, collecting Alice and Wonderland items, meditation, Saturday Night Live (long time super-fan), cannabis plant as medicine (I take CBD oil / non-THC variety), self-care (I moderate a self-care group for women on Facebook)

Favorite Things: the color orange, ice cream, swimming, true crime shows, Pixar & Laika animated movies, people watching, 80's music, Will Ferrell everything, bubbles, naps!... my favorite worship song/performance right now is: Do It Again/Yes and Amen - Bethel Church Worship - You Tube video:

Someday I'd Like To Try: geocaching, learning Spanish, going on a cruise, start a business of my own, creating stained glass, growing food for my family, learning to paint

My Love Language Types: Acts of Service, Quality Time & Physical Touch
My MeyersBriggs Personality Type: ENTJ - The Commander
My Enneagram Type: 1 - The Reformer

I'm not limiting myself to finding someone local so distance relationships are ok if you're willing to video chat eventually.

Thanks for reading about me! I like to chat so send me messages if you're up for conversation.

Please know that I won't engage in contact if your profile contains any of the following:
1. a profile that contains a photo of you shirtless or in any other state of undress
2. a profile that begins with anything like, 'Well, introducing myself is a hard thing to do...' or 'I don't know what to put here...'
3. a profile that doesn't include much about yourself
First Date
Let's not "meetup for coffee", ok?... the thought of that bores me. How about... visit someplace interesting? enjoy an experience together? find a quiet place to chat?... those all sound good to me. I'd love to hear your ideas too.
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