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To my Brothers in Christ,
Hi. I'm a "God fearing" Woman. I think by getting to know me you will quickly discover I'm genuine, sincere, humble not vain and down to earth. I'm a sinner needing God. I believe God is always present and to consider God re my decision making. I have a lot to offer my future husband e.g. love, consideration, respect, "the fruits of the Spirit", (e.g. joy, forgiveness, patience, kindness) plus pray for him, nurture the relationship, encouraging him to be the best version of himself that him can be. Plus listen to him, giving him acknowledgement, empathy, sympathy, support, tact, tenderness, affection and understanding...A desire to want to look after a partnership/Christian courtship with actions to prove it. I want to pray together. I have read the book by a Christian author called "The Five Love Languages". Reading is one thing - putting our words into action / reality is another. Some people are all talk! I try to apply my Christian-like behaviour and Christian-values to my life and the future man in my life. It would be nice if I can be free to be myself around my hypothetical future parter...I'm looking for a connection to develop one over time. I don't expect Mr Perfect. Hopefully you get most of my jokes and laugh at ourselves. I like to be creative, play on words and be silly. I know when to be serious. My creative talented side needs to do something creative or interesting...e.g. dance, sing, live music... I enjoy thunderstorms, light rain in the sunlight, sunrise, sunsets, bush walks, animals, a butterfly,...I enjoy museums, Science works, sight seeing, camping...I get excited about the small stuff e.g. seeing a cinematic film. When I do something sustainable or donate to charity, I feel better about the purpose of my existence.

I need chillax wind down time every night.

I am non-denominational.

I do not need to drink alcohol. I never smoked one cigarette. I do not have substance abuse issues or addiction or gambling issues or eating disorders. Please respect that I don't like to take Western medicines. I'm eclectic. Please do not stereotype me in anyway - that is assuming - not getting to know me - just ask - enjoy asking.

But please don't interview me like it's for a job interview!

Humans are "multidimentional". . Please don't judge me by my profile or photos or even the first few catch sometimes takes a while to get to know someone...Depending whose company I am in, I react differently, so I might need to "come out of my shell" as the saying goes.

I'm not here to have unChristian like arguments about Christianity. Please respect that our Christian beliefs are different cos we all interpret the Bible in our own way. We all need to be open to learning from anyone, be it positives or negatives, we can still learn from experiences. If someone is Bible bashing me, or forcing an opinion, saying you "should" do this you "should" do that - e.g. you should go to the GP then you may push me away in your backward care for me. Please try asking me questions e.g. "Have you thought about...?"

My Dad is an Anglican Priest.

God told me my career purpose is to write a book and that was unexpected new info, so I'm trying to surrender, sacrifice and take up my cross, trust God more, increase faith and discover a new world that is anything to do with writing, reading,... I feel a bit "happy scared". I'd appreciate supportive encouragement in this area. I'm human. I'm not perfect.

I have eclectic interests and believe in life learning.

Hobbies include e.g.
Christian spiritual foods / resources (Bible, church, Christian radio, Christian daily devotional journals, books and DVDs).

Nutrition. Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle. Walks in nature. Bushwalking, camping, site seeing. Sustainability.

Dancing. Singing. I'm told I'm talented at "the arts".

Film genre, anything but not horror. I'm eclectic with my interests in music styles, but not including death metal. I prefer Christian radio, classical, relaxation music, World music, jazz.

I'm not into mainstream stereotypes re. anything. Each human being is unique. I am not into treating men and women like different species and battle of the sexes.

(I volunteer - I do this on and off. I give to charities).

A Christian lifestyle, "Spiritual foods", "Armour of God", "Fruits of the Spirit" etc. are important for myself but if you do these that makes us compatible. My future husband and I need to have God in common and applying God, Christianity, Christian values, Christian like behaviour to the relationship. It doesn't matter if we don't have other hobby things in common. I believe you and I are both imperfect with imperfections so we need God. I need to accept you as a whole package that you come with all your faults, weaknesses, sins and mistakes. You need to do the same for me. I can tolerate some things, laugh and call them quirks. But, I will tell you in a tactful way that I feel upset when you do a certain behaviour that is negative. I will try to discuss and resolve a way to compromise and ask you to change this. But I will probably need to ask myself,
"Can I marry a man and tolerate his weakness, mistakes etc.? Does he prove enough good points to put up with a few bad points, quirks or annoyances or bad habits or differences? Or, can I embrace the differences? is the behaviour disrespectful to me with no consideration, no effort to try to ask God to help him change and no apology to me?" Therefore, too problematic, hurtful and damaging to our partnership and destroying it. A partnership needs to be nurtured with Christian-like behaviours "Fruits of the Spirit". Treat people the way you want to be treated. If not, then say sorry and try harder to change giving proof of change...and fearing God more. I try to treat a partner in Christian courtship well with a lot of consideration. But I don't give everything straight away. Trust is earned. Respect is given. A hypothetical husband will be treated extremely well.
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God bless you as you keep asking God for guidance. From your Sister in Christ, Chloe.
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