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I am an honest Christian Texas Man, you don't last 20 years in the Military without Honor. But I have faults too. I have good days & I have bad days. I am mostly a home body. I just want to come back to our "Sanctuary", lock the world away, and be at peace. I do have times though when I just say "Baby let's just get in the truck and GO...Don't care where, let's just GO! I try to understand what God wants me to do, but it's often hard to know for sure. I often pray for God to just spell it out in Crayon so even I can understand it! I enjoy doing most of the "guy things", but I also think...a lot, and talk, and create things with my own hands, and yes I even get watery eyed. After becoming a Christian, I guess God reached in and softened my heart. Got a problem with that! OOHRAH!!! I'm just simply looking for a NORMAL woman, who's looking for a NORMAL man, for a NORMAL dating relationship to see if we are compatible for Marriage. I'm NOT looking for a Friend! With the right wife, we will develop a great friendship as a bonus. So many of you seem to force yourselves to stay Positive & Uplifting! You Scare Me! Because I know that you are burying anything remotely Negative, and one day you're going to Explode!!

I know most of you have been hurt by other men in your past, and for that I am very sorry. I've been hurt a lot too. I put 100% into relationships and get very minimal to nothing in return. But it's not fair to US, the new people in our lives to pay for the damage. You totally ruin each step into the future if you keep dragging the past around with you! Nail it to the Cross, let God handle them, learn from it, and move on! We just need to talk (openly & honestly), and listen, and pay lots of attention to each other, and understand each other, and be there for each other.

If you have kids at home, I love kids! But you can't ask a Good Man to come into your life and just sit on his hands without helping to raise them. I will treat your children like my own. That means being fair with discipline and love. I don't allow a child to be disrespectful to adults, but I do believe that it's most important to spend lots of time with them. All you have to do is imagine them as grown adults. How they act as children will be how they act as adults. Don't worry if we live far apart, hey have truck will travel! I would like to share all of Life's ups and downs, so without further ado, may I have this dance?

What I Want and Pray for is a female reflection of me:
1) A normal, mentally stable, financially responsible, meat eating, Conservative, Christian woman!
2) Who doesn't feel the need to start or end every sentence with "I'm Blessed". Look ALL Christians are blessed. I can tell you all the times God blessed me and I want to hear how he blessed you too. But if you're constantly saying it in every sentence then you're either trying to prove you're a Christian to me, or prove it to yourself.
3) Who's modestly attractive. What I'm looking for here is a face that I can wake up to & and go to sleep with, thinking Wow!
4) A brilliant mind, full of common sense, wonder, intrigue, and compassion.
5) A huge heart that sees the little things I do for her and appreciates them, Returns the effort, and knows that her hugs or lap cures all bad days!
6) Responsible with money, meaning we pay the bills first! I Tithe and it's not negotiable! If we don't have much money left, we'll just turn on the radio & dance, or talk on the porch, or lay on the couch and watch (I don't know you pick this time!)
7) Totally not into the whole Vain "Fitness & Herbal Diet" thang! I'm not advocating for recklessness, but I do know that it is not for us to cling to this life because we have a much better life coming Baby!!! No, She's all about a good steak & baked potato, or hamburger & shake kinda gal!!
8) Knows how to cook (My cooking's not bad but hopefully yours tastes better!)
9) Knows where the dishwasher, trash can, and laundry basket are! (Come On Seriously Ladies, this is what you've been bashing Men about for decades! Even my Mom taught me this!)
10) Has bad days, and gets angry, and frustrated (yes y'all it is perfectly normal as Christians, so long as it's not excessive or abusive), and knows that my foot and body massages cures all bad days!
11) Still enjoys passion, not just sex, but showing attraction, affection, and doesn't leave it all to me to instigate (yes y'all it's perfectly normal for Christians to talk about this stuff. And NO, believe it or not I'm not one of those guys that's only after one thing)
12) Will stand back to back, shoulder to shoulder & toe to toe with me (2 ears are better than 1, I try to listen to God, but I need a good woman to tell me "Hey Chris, God's telling me He doesn't want us to go that direction.")
13) Has no problem getting dirty with me in the yard or a home project, then getting cleaned up for someplace nice, or at least a "high 5 & a glass of tea while we marvel at our accomplishment!
14) Able to carry long conversations and solve the World's problems (if "They" would just consult with Us first!!).
15) Laughs and plays, cries and puts her head on my shoulders.

WHY IS THIS SO HARD TO FIND!! Really is this asking too much??? Maybe I should just get a dog!
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Go someplace where we don't feel rushed, 'cause this is gonna take some time!!
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