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No I live in a village...the questions..wooo
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I'm working on a good chat post...
I"m interested in long walks on shag carpet and my astrological sign is the stop sign. O yeah, I have a pet rock Rocky. I can make him sit and stay but not roll over...ooo
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Love has to be a two-way street. Even out here in words it can be felt. Some have it, some say they have it in them, some make great claims, and some mix sex into it and mess things up. There is just no lust in love.

Without trust there is no love, and alteration of the truth is just a way to evade or avoid a situation. There are so many little games that can ruin love. Forgiven is good but should a person always be forgiven?

True love can give a person a feeling of being super human, able to accomplish any task. It is also something that has to be nurtured though out or it can die. Anything that happens which is negative may build up if not talked about at some point in time if it keeps repeating. So communication is the key because misunderstandings do happen.

If you love a person you work with them not against them or off some hidden agenda. Things are easily in the open and not hiden like a dirty little secret. There are some that are self-evasive, some are controlling, some always have to be right, some won’t listen, and some might just chew your ear off in anger.

I could go on and on but wont and end with a “I’m not just anyone or someone.”
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Whatever it be I hope it be a very happy time...
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