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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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2 Yr College Degree
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Sub contractor
Concerts, Micro-Brews, Fitness, Mountain biking, Meteor Showers, Psychology, Natural medicine, Hip-hop, Nano silver, Organic, Nature, Hot springs, Clear communication, Genuine, Honesty, Reading, Writing, Conversing, People watching, Skiing, cooking, garde
About Me
I've lived in 9 states and 3 other countries and traveled to 23 states in all. I'm very comfortable with myself and I'm confident in who I am and what I want out of Life. I have and do practice healthy boundaries and they'll not be settled upon or dismissed.

I like my flavors, thus I've dated and been in many relationships outside of my own race for the most part. Don't worry vanilla Ladies I'm still down with you too. I'm very intense and passionate at times, yet I'm very kind too.

I don't do disconnected, superficial, face buried in personal pocket tracking device type people what so ever. You know what I'm laying down here home town.

I've served honorably in the military and I love and value traditional roles and values. I am new school too, so don't trip. I'm immensely street and book smart. I'm just as at home in a large city or down right comfortable and resourceful in a tiny country town.

Once I feel that you're being honest with me, I'm dedicated to our relationship 100% no matter what type of relationship it may be. I'm very adaptable and willing to be, so long as the other person is contributing equally however she's able to do so. I don't particularly enjoy nor do I tolerate clutter or excuse makers.

A clean organized and accountable individual is a good indicator of a healthy mental state. As adults we should just all be honest and own up to our mistakes. As we all make them. I'm a believer second chances, many, many of them if progress is reciprocated after the fact. IE: I'm also very patient and understanding when things have been communicated to me.

If you're emotionally insecure, abrasive, defensive and overly sensitive (playing the victim role) you and I will part ways pretty quickly. As I see it for what it is right away. Life is fleeting and there is a time and place for games. Just not when it comes to relationships and peoples feelings. I'm all for empathy and disgusted by apathy.

I believe we all should try to better ourselves everyday, never become docile, lead by example, help one another directly and that tyrants should be eliminated. So, for now this little sliver of my being should give you some insight into how I roll. In the mean time if I see ya, I'll see you. If I don't well most of you know how it goes from there.

Oh and there is this quote "I came here to kick *** and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum" If you know this movie quote without cheating then bonus points for you and good on you for also knowing useless information like myself. Cheers!r
First Date
A first date would be planned around what I have come to know about the Woman I have found interest in. It would then be tailored from there.
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