FAITH & WILSON Dec 17, 2016

It awesome to be in this website, since almighty God have blessed me with lovely lady who well grounded in christianity. I humbled, by his goodness!

AJ & Ben Dec 14, 2016

Thank you so much CDFF for helping me find my forever love. You were instrumental to both AJ and my happiness. We were both searching for a long time till in our forties both without success till we met each other in CDFF.
What a blessing your work have been to so many lives I believe as in was in ours.

We met in October 2010 and finally got all the paperwork done and married on March 28th 2014. Its now December 2016 and we are happier than we have ever been.

Again and forevermore, A Big Thank You Soooo Much CDFF for your wonderful ministry.

Much Love
Ben and AJ

Analisa & William Dec 3, 2016

Thank you God and CDFF for helping me to find my amazing wife. After meeting Christ
in 2012 i began walking His path and after rebuilding my life i began searching for a
beautiful christian girl to marry and start a family with. In July of 2016 i met Ana and after a few exchanges we realized we had a lot in common. We talked on phone and chatted on fb everyday.
In October i decided to travel from us to Philippines and meet Analisa. God has blessed us so much in our lives and this relationship. We were married Nov 24th 2016 and are expecting a lifelong marriage and to start a family soon by Gods grace.

Sarah & Joe Nov 2, 2016

We met on this site on the 6th of May 2016, shared a few greetings and after a couple of days exchanged our contact numbers. Since then we've never looked back on each other, after our first conversation on a cellphone we both looked forward to hear from each other more and more every single day. We talked on phone atleast twice on daily basis for long hours of conversation and texted while at work. In time we realised that had so much in common starting from the religious perspective to our future plans and goals. We believe that it is God's making and He has surely brought us together.
After a few months my husband Joe (MisterNiceGuy)came to visit me in Uganda, met my family and decided we get married on the 15th of October 2016 because we both deeply love each other. We thank you the Cdff team for the care and services you've rendered to us it's sad that we will no longer need your services since we sworn "Till death do us part" but we surely have a story about you forever. We Thank the Almighty God for the gift of Life, Grace, Patience and Love He has filled in our souls.
Joe and Sarah

Josefina & Kevin Oct 19, 2016

We wish to thank Christian Dating Site for being instrumental in meeting our lifetime partner. We met online April 13, 2016 and got married in beautiful Wisconsin on October 8, 2016 at the First Baptist Church of Waupaca. It was a cherish moment of our lives and it all started here.

Margaretha & Patrick Oct 16, 2016

He sent me messag me on Nov 14th 2015 and then.we skyped 4 days later. After Skyped he asked me to meet in person and I said "why not" (I took it as unseriously discussion) but at the same day (Jakarta time) he booked a flight to visit me. It was Dec 25th 2015 our first meeting. First day he came to my house to meet my family. During waiting for meeting day, he hired a lawyer and we were working on my fiancée visa. He left Jakarta on Jan 4th 2016 but 1 day before that, he asked my mom to take me out to usa (informal proposal 😛). My visa got approved in June. And July, I went to USA to meet him and his family. He take care of everything from meeting and til now :)He purposed on Aug 26th then on 3rd September we got married :). It was quick process :)


Margaretha Girsang

Bernadette & Lon Sep 26, 2016

We met on CDFF and quickly realized we were so right for each other. Lots of laughter and hours of good communication. We have so much in common and love to be together. We wasted no time in moving forward because it became so clear that we meant to be together. God has blessed us with one another and we were married in 2013. Tomorrow is our 3rd year anniversary and I wanted to thank your site for giving us the chance to find love. So, now we are no longer in need of your service, but we pray that many others will be blessed like we have been.

Thank you!
Lon and Bernadette

Sarina & Cory Dean Sep 14, 2016

We met on cdff 3 weeks ago. I was worried things wouldn't work out because her profile was restricted to 30 years old. But when we were able to exchange emails and phone numbers we hit it off right away.. we have been happily praising GOD for His provision of our friendship. Thank you cff for being hope back into our lives that love does exist and that God is the provider of all things good and works the bad out so that good may come of it.

In Jesus Name Sake I pray for the LORD to continue to bless this dating site with His Holy Ghost' s protection.. AMEN!!!

Gen & Nel Aug 18, 2016

Thank you so much of your website.....Through it, I found my loving and godly husband who is also a Christian. .... thank you so much. We've got married last June 1, 2016.....thank you once again

Olive & Kevin Aug 12, 2016

OCT 15 2016 Wedding in Beautiful Wisconsin.
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