Sheryl & Michael May 19, 2016

Through this site we found each other, God introduced us after we had both prayed to meet the one God had created for us before God created the foundations of the earth.

Its a true love story, we are now married and expecting a baby in september 2016.

Mike loved Sheryl so much he flew 6,500 miles to be with her and marry her.

Mike " Sheryl is my everything, I love her so much I just can't cope without her, true love comes from God and he blessed us with a baby, sheryl fell pregnant to me on our honeymoon and I feel so blessed I thank and praise God every day through our Lord Jesus Christ"

Sheryl " I didn't think he would reply but he did and now we are in love, and we got married and we are having a baby its true love, we are at the start of our marriage and our lives together and our Father God in heaven made it possible and Mike made all my dreams come true I love him so much"

Tomica & David May 11, 2016

I started the online dating site about five years ago and I was about to close my account. David messaged me on CDFF around May 2015 and in June 2015 we exchanged our numbers and that's were it all began. We starting skyping everyday and started to get to know one another that way. It's like if he was in Chicago and I was in California. So he got see my personal life everyday even at work we would Skype. We grown so close with one another that we decided to meet each other in person. When I finally meet David in California it was so great to be with him. I had a five day vacation and the time being there I was treated the way God in tends his daughter's to be treated. He is loving, caring, a provider, hard working man has a love for God. He loves my children like his own. We are getting married July 28,2017. God has someone for each and every one. It doesn't matter were he's at. When that person is for you God will let you know. Thank you CDFF for this site. I found my soon to be husband.

MARES & JOHN May 5, 2016

I met my wife in cdff , 3 years from now.. I met her last Nov.7 2013, engaged last july 20, 2014 and married last Dec.28, 2015..
Happy and so much blessed to have her as my perfect other half..
DISTANCE is not HINDRANCE as long as God will be the center of the relationship..
Thank you CDFF..

You can watch our Love story video. Happy to share with you all..

Our Wedding SDE

Our SDE Prenup

May Ann & David May 4, 2016

I met May just before the month of May, and I was using two other dating sites to find people as well. I honestly expected I would be looking for a long time. I was losing hope and I met May here. At first we shared our common interest, martial arts. We both practiced Karate, and we talked about style, and favorites of everything. We discussed about which church the other attended, and what it was like. Finally it just clicked. Everything in my heart fell into place, and I knew I was in love. Here's to hoping for marriage soon!

BreAnna & Will Mar 23, 2016

Hi! It's a great story that I think would give a lot of people hope. Please read it. I know it will inspire many.

Thank you CDFF!

This is a interesting Story.

I cannot explain enough to you how much this site helped us. I was in a bad place in my life. I was sick, and my doctors could not find out what was wrong. I had been single for a little while simply because the guys that I attracted were not so good Men. They pretended to be something that they were not. I wanted a man who could respect my morals. A man who had no issues with waiting before marriage. Someone who ACTUALLY wanted to wait, not pretend to wait just in case I changed my mind later. I wanted someone who didn't lie to me about being on drugs! All of these things happened to me. I was at a loss for words. I am very nice and kind to people, so I trust easily. That didn't work so well for me.

So, I decided to step back and focus on myself. Around that time is when I started to become very ill. The doctors were working with me so much to find out what was wrong! I was so lost and the only thing I could lean on was God, who as we all know is a powerful force. The MOST powerful force. He is omnipotent, so obviously, I am going to trust in HIM. So I started to pray a different kind of prayer. I was sick. I was alone. I didn't have any way of knowing what kind of illness was laying in my body and I was scared. Terrified. Lost. Confused. So I started to pray to God more and more! I prayed a simple prayer. "God please send me someone who can love me just as much as I love them." God surpassed that. I don't mean that I love him any less... I mean that God sent me someone who surpassed the love that I asked for. He truly does strive to love me as God loved the church. I have never met anyone more selfless and I am unequivocally devoted and in love with this man.

I am so blessed to know that he will always be there for me and I for him. Will asked me to be his bride on May 12th, 2015 and we are getting married on October 16th, 2016... Just 7 short months away!

October 15th is our six year anniversary and it is the most appropriate date to get married.

So, THANK YOU Christian Dating For Free!
We cannot thank you enough for creating this site so we could find each other, Fall in love and live Happily Ever After.

Yhang & Paul Mar 22, 2016

I found a great wife on here and thank you so munch cdff for being a part of it this site is such a blessing and am thankful for a great free dating site to find a christian love or wife your site is a blessing.

We want to just thank you for being a apart of bringing us together i thank God for this site and for us meeting as she is a joy and a blessing to be in love with am looking forward to our marriage and keep up the great work on bring love together.

Lori & Homer Mar 13, 2016

On November 7, 2014.. After being a member of CDFF for many year's, and after fighting with God and telling him I wasn't going to look outside of MO, I chose to listen to God and do so. I said " I'm going to give it one more try", and as I did so did Homer. As I looked outside of MO.. ( that's where I lived, He lived in Ohio. We were 8 hours apart from each other) I seen Homer's profile and picture I was immediately attracted to him, and His love for God. After several winks, and messages, on CDFF we became friends on Facebook, and then switched numbers. We both began to pray for Gods will and timing. And on July 6, 2015 we met for the first time. He was everything and more of what I prayed for. I moved to Ohio 2 weeks ago, ( Feb. 28) and we married just this past weekend!! (March 11).

If it wasn't for CDFF we would have never met each other. So, as we say Thank you Jesus, we are saying "Thank you Jesus for CDFF!! To all those looking for love, first of all ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (Matthew 9:26) and God WILL grant the desires of your heart
(Psalm 37:4) Be obedient, and NEVER give up, if God can do it for us, He can do it for you too! He is no respector of persons
(Romans 2:11)

Julia & Matt Mar 5, 2016

We met on Christian dating for free on November 4th 2014. We met in person for the very first time last year in March of 2015. We had a long distance relationship for a while until Julia came back here to the United States and we were just recently married on January 22nd, 2016. Thanks to Christian Dating For Free, I have found the love of my life and she is God's perfect woman for me.

Jeanene & Stephen Feb 19, 2016

Stephen and I met online June of 2015, I was the first person he ever dated online!
We got along well online and on the phone, seemed to have a lot in common.
We went out on our first date, and it was very pleasant! He wore a green shirt that he purchased just for me, my favorite color is green. He brought me a single white rose.
We have been dating 8 months now, and get along very well.
We just celebrated our first Valentine's Day, it was very romantic, and fun! We went to a romantic Bistro, he bought a gorgeous heart shaped ring and a rose.
Thank you for having Christian date for free as a doorway for God to unite us!
Jeanene and Stephen

Irene & Garry Feb 9, 2016

We are so excited to this site and grateful to God for bringing us together for free on this site. We met in 2015, we took it so easy and share as friends. Actually I thought I was sharing with a friend, but Garry from day one he knew God had given him the wife.
I visited the USA in 2015 and later we met and now we are Wife and Husband, got married in Church on 2rd Jan 2016.
I am more than willing to help in any other way others searching on the site, by giving tips and cautions. On this site I also met other nice people who we thought it was was met to be but it was not but we remained friends.

I closed my first account and Garry never went back to his account after meeting me.
Thank you CDFF
Irene and Garry
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