Annie & Albert Apr 5, 2017

We met on this Christian Dating for free 2015 somewhere around 3rd of Nov. and have dated over a year ago just married 2017. I'm from Chicago and Albert is from Ghana now I'm visiting Ghana for the first time and we both are astonished at what God is doing....

Mar 27, 2017

I met my fiance at Christian Dating For Free last year February 08, 2016 and now we are happily married here in America. We got married last January 28, 2017. Thanks for this great dating site. We are very blessed to found each other. Good luck and God bless to other members. 😘xoxo

Maria & Christopher Mar 24, 2017

We met each other at Christian Dating For Free in August 2009 and now we are happily married and live in Sweden.
We got married 20th January 2012.
We are so blessed to found each other. We Praise the Lord for your great dating site.
Just to write little about My history. I was born in Sri Lanka and married to a wonderful women from Sweden. We have been pen pal for about 4 1/2 years before we meet each other. I finished My theological studies in Sri Lanka and moved to Sweden for her sake. Gave up My family, friends and My Home land. We have four grown children and just now we have 6 grandkids. We have been as missionaries in Sri Lanka from 1983-1990 and 3 of our children was born there. To make a long history short after the Children over 18 years My Wife want to devorce and this happen after 27 years of marriage. 2008 When I lost family, house and everything I was working in Swedish prison service as their Chaplain. As long as I am in My work no problem but When I came Home My longliness trying to kill me. During that time I start to chat With Maria from Philippiens. I had no Idea to get marry Again we just continue to chat to encourage each other. She understod me because she had gone through the same situation some years ago. When I get to know that she have 3 kids and trying very hard to Raise them alone. That is the time I understod that I can do some thing good in My sad situation. We have been married just little over Five years, but it feels like we have been married much longer. 2011 I took both Maria and her 3 kids to Sweden. I just write this so that you can understand My situation and how bless I am just now.
Best regards
Rev. Christopher & Maria Gammeddehewa

Sharon & Greg Feb 27, 2017

In June 2009, I looked at the Christian Dating For Free Web site, out of curiosity mostly. I was wondering what kind of person would be on the site. I had not dated since my divorce, 8 months before, (I had been married for 23 years) and was finally ready to meet someone nice. I was looking to make new friendships maybe have someone to go out to dinner or to the beach or concerts with. I set up an account and the next day decided to browse the people who were online. I read through a few bios and then one stuck out so strongly to me. It was as if I was reading my own story. I sent a quick message but he was off by the time I sent it. A day later, on a Friday, Greg sent a message that he was going to be in my area in a couple of hours. (He lived and worked two hours away). He was heading to the very same event that I was attending with a girlfriend of mine. We agreed to meet. He was charming and asked me out for a date the next evening on Saturday. We talked for many hours and found that we had so many things in common! We met for church on Sunday and lunch. We were both smitten! Texts and phone calls and he drove the two hour drive every weekend to see me! We Got engaged that Christmas and planned to marry in July. He had a pretty severe injury at work and we had to postpone our wedding. Greg had a long recovery. We toughed it out and were finally able to get married May of 2013. We are so very happy and amazed at how blessed we are to have found each other. We are each others best friend, I always tell him he is my "favorite" person in the whole world!
Thank you CDFF, for making the way to connect us.

Christine Faith & Karl Feb 8, 2017

First, Praise The Lord Jesus for His mercy and Grace during our journey. Also thank Him for His provision in our lives and bringing us together
Second, thankyou CDFF for being the tool which brought me and my newly wed bride together!

Our Testimony...
1st and Last & 1st kiss at the alter!
Me and Faith first started talking 3 years ago on cdff. I think what truly caught each other's attention was our love for the Lord within our profiles. We decided to exchange Skype contact details and for the first few months my beautiful wife wouldn't show her face. Eventually she did thank goodness. We would Skype and text daily, study the scriptures and pray. It wasn't always easy being in an LDR, and many challenges we had to overcome including racial stigmas, difference in cultures, trust and Faith.
Through prayer, fasting and steadfastness all these things were overcome and we met in Singapore in April 2016! Wow I remember thinking when I first seen my wife she's unbelievably more beautiful in person! After that holiday in which we was chaperoned by my new father in law, I knew I wanted to marry her!
We had never kissed, and I had the honour of being Faiths 1st and only boyfriend.
Me and Faiths sister prepared a surpise long distance proposal. https://youtu.be/4sOIyomr3nk
She said yes and we got to wedding preparations!
We got married on 21st January 2017. https://vimeo.com/200628140
Praise God!
Our advice would be to anyone courting on CDFF is
To the men.
Be respectful, honour God in your conversations, pray, remember that the person you are talking to is someone's daughter and more importantly a daughter of God! You wouldn't like a man speaking rudely to your daughter so don't be a hypocrite. You're one day going to be a sisters head spend this time preparing!

To women.
Pray and gaurd your heart, seek godliness not looks or charm (neither last long). From me as a man. Don't accept or give into perverted requests! If he wants "pictures" or sex before marriage he's fooling himself if he thinks he is walking in the will of God! Stay clear of these men!
From my wife: Gaurd your heart but dont imprison it, seek The Lord in all things, discern, godliness doesn't mean perfection...most brothers online are broken and imperfect, doesnt mean they dont deserve a chance..
God bless you all

Peter & Christine Feb 8, 2017

I honestly thought I would never be blessed with a second chance after letting my own personal struggles and issues destroy my first marriage. In some ways I felt I did not deserve a second chance. Thankfully God is a God of second chances. In November of 2015 I had signed up for an account on cdff and within the first week I started chatting with Christine. She was amazing and had a great love for Jesus which is what I was looking for. Even though we hit it off real great, I still needed to let her know about my past struggles and about my divorce. After telling Christine my story i thought she would turn away but instead she opened her heart to me and accepted me for who I am. We have had some disagreements along the way but we have always managed to overcome the barriers in front of us. It is now Feb 2017 and in a month or so from now we will be meeting for the first time in the Philippines to formalize our wedding plans. God is an amazing God and he has blessed me so much and shown me mercy and grace by bringing Christine into my life. I find that the more we talk I fall in love with her more and more everyday.

Peter & Christine

Magda & Konstantinos Feb 1, 2017

Hi everyone!

This is our story. The story of answered prayers. The story of the miracle that God created by bringing us together.
Thank God for CDFF, and for His creativity in using so many ways to make Himself known, and more precious to us!
We got married in october 2016, and are absolutely, completely in love with each other. Our prayer is that our love will last forever.

We wish for you and for everyone the same that happened to us. That you will find your soulmate, your best friend, the love of your life.

Mary & Steve Jan 16, 2017

Thank You CDFF for making my dream come true!!! Its been a year now since I met my husband Steve and we got married last March 15. I am happily married now and I wish everyone on this site can also find their true love.. It takes time but believe me God gives you the Best!
God Bless You All and Again Thank you Admin. of CDFF. This is such a wonderful Dating site for Christians.

Maria & Aaron Jan 5, 2017

Early 2016 I Aaron joined CDFF and proclaimed that I would meet the one God prepared me for in this chat on this site as i saw it in a vision while searching for dating sites and let me tell ya for the most part this site was better than any other well fast forward a few days and i first spoke with THE ONE but she was taken and she tried to set me up with her friend ... well fast forward a few months and mid June we chat again and this time she was single and after a short week of chatting nonstop i asked her to be my GF and then maybe a week later to Marry me we spent 3 months putting our wedding together i flew out in Dec. to meet her and her family in person and on Dec. 20, 2016 we married and I have never been so loved she is more than any man could ever pray or ask for and every day she does something else to make me even happier I give all Praises to our Lord and God for bringing us together and for always doing His mighty work and Will in our lives, thank you CDFF for providing the format here for people to chat as it is a more public means to ease the awkwardness of one on one, we can chat with many and see how they shine or don't from day to day week to week and that really helps the shy folks like me

FAITH & WILSON Dec 17, 2016

It awesome to be in this website, since almighty God have blessed me with lovely lady who well grounded in christianity. I humbled, by his goodness!
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