Brittany & Jonatan Aug 21, 2015

My husband, member name mrjtmarling, and I, member name JustBritt, met on this site on January 3rd, 2012. We started writing each other everyday and became really good friends really fast. Jonatan, aka mrjtmarling, was born and raised in Denmark and I was born and raised in America. On April 10th, 2012 we decided to be in an exclusive relationship and continued to write and skype as often as we could with the 9 hour time difference. Talk about long distance! December 19th, 2012 we met in person for the first time in the Phoenix airport in Arizona. He stayed for 2 weeks over Christmas, my birthday and New Years. After he went home we felt like this was what we were looking for. From 2012 until 2014 we would travel back and forth every 6 months, taking turns on who will go to the other's country. In 2014 I was given an internship at his church for a year so from August 2014 until July 2015 we lived as neighbors in an apartment complex the church owned. On December 22nd, Jonatan then proposed in front of a huge lite up Christmas tree with champagne and my grandmother's ring!

We wanted to live in the US after my internship was over so we got married in secrete on City Hall in Odense, Denmark on April 11, 2015 to get the paperwork started. Then the big wedding was on July 13th, 2015 and it was perfect! Surrounded by friends and family but because the only member of my family that was able to come was my mother, we are going to have another small wedding in Arizona sometime next year and some of his family will attend that one as well. So we will have 3 weddings!

We want to thank you for this site and giving us the opportunity to meet were it would have been impossible otherwise. Thank you so much!

Much love,
Jonatan and Brittany

Jessica & David Aug 20, 2015

I met my girlfriend here, and sadly left her the first time because of shallow reasons. But as God would have it, I got back on this site and found her again 6 years later, after I had matured more and become closer to God. We now are a happy couple on the way to marriage.

Alla & Bryan Aug 15, 2015

I never thought that it will works for me, that I can meet my love in internet, but God speak in my heart that I have to registered and I did it.

My husband was afraid to talk to me and first what he type it was "Hi, how are you?"
That is the most popular words that you always receive when someone speak to you but I decide to talk with every person who will type to me, so I answer. In my real life this day it was most horrible day ever, only God can push me to talk with someone at that time without anger.

Since 29 December till now we never have been stoping to talk.
Our love it's greatest Gods blessing! And we much thanks Him for that!

Charity & Armando Aug 10, 2015

On MAY 12th 2015. My husband now Armando, reached out to me via a message. I responded but seemed hesitant since he resided in Antioch,CA and I'm approximately 7hr away. But we chatted and eventually exchanged numbers. Another member was attempting to grab MY attention as well and I put out a fleece before the Lord. Which revealed that member was not my husband. Armando and myself spoke via text occasionally until on 6/9/15,when he actually called me. From that moment forward we spoke more regularly. On 6/22 God gave me a vision confirming he was my husband the one the Lord ordained. On 6/23 the Lord gave him a vision again confirming I was his wife and he was my husband. We both agreed this to be true. The vision on 6/22 revealed to me by God was armando surprising me in person. Sure enough on 7/4 he drove all the way from Antioch and meet me by surprise wit the help of a friend of mine he contacted to aide him through Facebook. On 7/31 he drove out again and on 8/2 we were married n vegas. He is now moving to cathedral city,ca 8/14 for good to complete the life God predestined and ordained for us. Amazing How God confirmed and had his hand in and on us. So blessed. I had been a member of CDFF for at least longer than a yr and never felt the connection like I did wit armando. He treats me like a queen and has shown me I am his everything. I was ready to give up but GOD KNEW BETTER!

Gisselle Mae & Matt Aug 3, 2015

Natalie & Kourosh Aug 2, 2015


Thank you for your job.We are christians both and are married already one year.We found each other in Cdff:Mija from Latvia and Kourosh from Turkey.

May God bless you..

Michelle & Paul Jul 12, 2015

I've met Paul 6 weeks ago on CDFF and we are getting married in December. He is exactly what I've been praying for! A man that loves the Lord so much.

Beverly & Mario Jul 2, 2015

Thank you CDFF. We have found each other on this dating service. We started chatting around April 2013.
Just a few months ago (2 May 2015) we were married. It's a blessing from God to have found each other, & so suited. It's a God relationship. Thanks again.

Marjorie & Erick Jun 30, 2015

Thank you CDFF for being the link between the two of us. We met through similar circumstances at the same time just over a year ago. We started off chatting and a couple months later became an exclusive couple. Now, here we are, over a year later and we are together in person. 5 weeks ago I flew to the Philippines to meet her and we had an incredible experience together. We clicked right away and were so comfortable with each other as if we had known each other our entire lives. We made a lot of memories that will last a lifetime and are ready to move forward into the next stage of our future. In week five of my visit we got engaged. We know we have a rocky road ahead of us but we are ready to take it on with Christ at our center as our guide. We are both so blessed and have found the partners we were looking for...no, we both found far more than we expected to find.

Latila & Ronald Jun 30, 2015

thank you CDFF.com for the wonderful effort that you people have put in connecting and finding true love for singles, i have find that special some one that i believe god has reserve for me please remove my profile as i no longer need to search god has answer my prayers i have been on 40 days fasting for a day like this thanks be to you all may god richly blesses you keep on doing god wonderful work, please keep us in your prayers and we will post you our wedding when it comes. again i say a big thank you.
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