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Trish & Rob Dec 31, 2014
We want to thank GOD and CDFF for bringing our dreams for a Godly marriage to a reality. I met Rob through this website on Oct. 29,2014 after I prayed to GOD about sending a message to him after I saw he had viewed me. I hadn't been on the website for very long and it was new and a little fearful for me to open up to a stranger and seek a lasting relationship on-line.I have walked with God for many years and I knew it was him who directed me to this particular site. After that first message I knew without a doubt that GOD had led us both there. Our conversations brought us closer to each other and to GOD. We kept in prayer and bible readings and look toward GOD's guidance every day before we talked and we laugh how everything in our lives was bringing us toward each other over the last few years before we met, just like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. God had put it in my heart back in June that I was going to get married and I knew it would take a miracle from GOD since I have been divorced for 7 years and never dated, but I stepped out in faith and bought my wedding dress. After 2 weeks we knew that GOD had placed each of us in the others heart. We wanted to be with each other and started making plans not knowing what GOD was preparing our lives for. I had secretly planned on visiting him in the spring but GOD opened doors much quicker after we prayed that we could spend Christmas together. We decided that GOD's plan was better than any we could make so when the doors opened we boldly walked through. I lost my job on Thanksgiving day and Rob told me to "come home". I packed up my car and drove almost 10 hours through bad weather to get to him. It was love again at first sight. He took me into his home and asked me to be his wife. Being Christians we could not live in sin without the bonds of marriage so as soon as the courthouse opened we applied for our license and as soon as the waiting period was over we became man and wife on Dec. 4,2014. We are the perfect match and I couldn't have asked for a better mate. Trusting in GOD's choice for me was the greatest decision I have ever made and my new husband totally agrees. We just wanted to write and tell everyone that GOD has someone special for them and if you will follow HIM he will lead you to them. We are so Blessed! Thanks again for this Christian website, we pray blessings on it and you. Rob & Trish
Febe & Will Dec 3, 2014
Ashley & Wood Dec 1, 2014
Ashley and I met on here a in June. We started dating September 8th. Everything has gone great. She is a great godly women whom I have fallen in love with and she has fallen in love with me. On Oct 17, 2015 we will be getting married. We would have never met without this site.
Jason Nov 28, 2014
I found a wonderful woman on your site and we are getting married !!! Thank you for your great service.

Kind Regards,
Khorz & Stephen Nov 27, 2014
A friend at church suggested I sign up on CDFF about 2 months ago. I had never tried online dating before, and was skeptical that anything would come of it.

The worst thing was I had no idea what I wanted in a woman. Filling in my profile helped me get a rough idea of who I was and what I wanted. The views and messages boosted my confidence and I began to get a better idea of what was possible. I edited my profile a couple of times to reflect what I wanted, and have now found a lady who ticks 90% of my boxes. Not sure how many of hers I tick, but we have agreed to become friends and see where it goes.

From a skeptic to a satisfied customer!

Thanks CDFF. I would recommend you based on the experience of my friend, and my own. The modern way to go. Try it!!
Erna & Mike Nov 27, 2014
I used this dating site for 4 years and in the last one and a half years of being on the site finally met that special someone. We have been serious for a little over a year and plan to get married this December. I dated others in the mean time even from this site, but just not right for each other. God through this experience was teaching me to wait for his best, not my second best. Waiting for God's best is waiting on his timing for he knows the desires of our hearts and grants that to us as we delight in his ways. Christian Dating for Free is where God brought us together, but our true meeting place was our seeking each other through Christ.
Cece & Denfield Nov 12, 2014
Thank you CDFF. From a single message on here to husband and wife. Without this site we would not have met each other and for this we are grateful first of all for being obedient to the holy spirit in leading us to here. We are from and live on two separate islands in the Caribbean. We met in January of 2014 and after a few messages back and forth we decided to exchange personal email addresses and Skype addresses. Our relationship progressed from friendship into something more serious. Four months later we met each other and our families for the first time. We got engaged 6 months into our relationship and here we are as husband and wife living on the same island just 10 months later after our first message on here.
Love is a beautiful thing especially when you know the Lord for yourself and you are obedient to his voice. Honoring God first of all has always been our motto and we will continue to do so as we serve God and then each other as he has instructed us to do.

We are grateful to CDFF for bringing us together and wish to tell others on here that they shouldn't give up. God will give you the person whom he sees you need and not who you want.

Gods blessings on you all.
Happily Married in the Caribbean
Becky & Daniel Nov 9, 2014
Yes I met him in Christian dating site, his name is Daniel we've start sept.8 2013 sending email to each other then we decided to go on Skype so we can see each other and to know more about our life. His nice and loving person all the criteria that I'm looking for a guy, then by that time my daughter in Hawaii invited me to spend holiday with them so he decided to go also in Hawaii to meet me in person Nov.19 2013 is our memorable day that is our date of arrival after 2 days he proposed...then we flew in Florida to meet his family after meeting his family we decided to get married Feb.14,2014 is our wedding day...and now we lived here in Alabama we are so grateful that one time in our life we were part of your Christian dating site.
From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much...Mr. and Mrs.
Laisa & Allan Nov 6, 2014
Hi Christian Dating for free.

I met Laisa who has now become my Beautiful wife, on your site 2 years ago. We got married in the Dominican Republic on October 3rd 2014. After meeting we talked on your site and i quickly visited Laisa and her family in the Dominican Republic. Then we talked through phone and by the internet and i kept on visiting her every 3 months until we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We set a date for our wedding and as earlier said married a month ago.

Me and my wife would like to say - Thanks so much for your site and to God for bringing us both together.

Allan & Laisa
Chrisberleen & Kyle Oct 16, 2014
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