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Becky & Daniel Nov 9, 2014
Yes I met him in Christian dating site, his name is Daniel we've start sept.8 2013 sending email to each other then we decided to go on Skype so we can see each other and to know more about our life. His nice and loving person all the criteria that I'm looking for a guy, then by that time my daughter in Hawaii invited me to spend holiday with them so he decided to go also in Hawaii to meet me in person Nov.19 2013 is our memorable day that is our date of arrival after 2 days he proposed...then we flew in Florida to meet his family after meeting his family we decided to get married Feb.14,2014 is our wedding day...and now we lived here in Alabama we are so grateful that one time in our life we were part of your Christian dating site.
From the bottom of our hearts thank you so much...Mr. and Mrs.
Laisa & Allan Nov 6, 2014
Hi Christian Dating for free.

I met Laisa who has now become my Beautiful wife, on your site 2 years ago. We got married in the Dominican Republic on October 3rd 2014. After meeting we talked on your site and i quickly visited Laisa and her family in the Dominican Republic. Then we talked through phone and by the internet and i kept on visiting her every 3 months until we decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We set a date for our wedding and as earlier said married a month ago.

Me and my wife would like to say - Thanks so much for your site and to God for bringing us both together.

Allan & Laisa
Chrisberleen & Kyle Oct 16, 2014
RenaMarie & SilveradoCowboy Oct 14, 2014
SilveradoCowboy & I had both used ur site as a last ditch effort to the find the love of our life. Because of your site, with the help of God's hand, we found each other & we are so happy!!! Just over the moon about it! Thanks CDFF with all the gratitude in the world! Ur site really works! He only had his page up for 5 days. Mine was only 3 days. Thats how fast it works!!! :D
Roselynne & Nathan Oct 13, 2014
Ours is the perfect Love Story, she came to me, looking for me on my birthday, Oct 5th. So I call her my birthday present, she is my special angel. We Both like so many things and the more we talked, the more we learned and the closer our hearts became, so we moved to emails and we have been chatting every day since that day. I am so in love with this woman, mere words cannot express my feelings for her, though our lips have never met, we KNOW we are right for one another. She lights up my life like no other has ever done, if you had told me years ago I could ever be this happy, I would have said no way. But God had a plan for me to meet this wonderful person in the most unorthodox way, online. God works in mysterious ways that's for sure. I have been a member here for over a year and never in all the time I have been here have I ever met someone so warm and sweet and she literally swept me off my feet. I have never opened up to anyone like I have opened up to her, Roselynne has stolen my heart away, I am hers forever. I just wanted to share this incredible news.

Nathan has found true love at CDFF
Mary & Peter Oct 11, 2014
I thank God and CDFF for giving me the opportunity to meet a very special man, so loving, caring and a christian.

We got married in August 2014

For everyone on CDFF still searching, please don't loose hope, pray always, seek guidance from God for He only will lead you to that special someone who will make you smile always.

Thank you CDFF
Chrisberleen & Kyle Oct 9, 2014
Canadian from USA
Filipino from Philippines
Thank you Christian Dating For Free
Teresamacedo & Lovestosing1969 Oct 6, 2014
I have met someone on cdff. He is a Christian man who has a heart for the Lord. We have fallen in love and plan to be married in January 2015. I am Brazilian and he American. We hope to do mission work for our Lord and Savior together.For those of you still sincerely looking, dreams can come true. Pray always, be honest with yourself, those you meet, and God and move ahead in faith.
Anna & Lamin Oct 5, 2014
I have been a CDFF member for about 1 year and more. I use to come in to chat and i have found a woman by the name Ann and she is enough for me. Relationship is some thing which is really important in a man's life i ask God to give me a wife the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh and with God every thing is possible because He has given me a woman but not just a woman but a life partner. She is a woman of Faith and God fearing person life with Her means i have a life with God. God has brought us together to serve Him in His Vineyard.
I want to thank CDFF for what the have done for me and i am so glade to be a member of this wonderful family.
Sue & Mike Oct 4, 2014
I lost my late husband in Jan. 2013 and I prayed for God to send me someone to marry.. I joined some online dating and was about to give up on finding someone and then I found CDFF and I figure I see how it would go on this site..
And this site I talked to a few guys and then I met mike and we hit it off and now we don't see how we didn't find each other earlier..

We thank God for bring us together and answering our prayers and thanks CDFF for be here also.
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