Kumbukani & Rolland Feb 6, 2022

I and my husband just want to share our success story. We met on CDFF in March 2021 and got married the same year in December. We were living miles away from each other, but love knows no barriers. We were truthful of who we were on our profiles and stated our intentions clearly. Our encouragement to everyone is that they should be patient and believe that God can use any means to bless you with a marriage partner. Our wedding was on the 11th of December 2021.

Olga & Tomas Jan 22, 2022

We want to thank all the staff of Christian Dating Site for Free. We met each other on this dating site in November 2021, we felt so blessed and happy with each other.
We got married on 17.10. 2021.
Now our union is 3 months old as we are making steps in our long long future together.
Everyone that havent found love yet, keep trusting God. He'll make it happen in the right moment, in the right place and with the right person!

Tomas & Olga

Wendy Booker & Doug Dueck Nov 28, 2021

We met here and are happily married.
Thank you Christiandating for being an inspiration and making it possible for us to meet.

Daniela & Timothy David Oct 26, 2021

Faith in Jesus Christ must be used a specific way according to the bible. Tiny faith used correctly does miracles. Of all the females I've ever heard of or listened to.. this one girl is THE first who speaks out loud God's will in Jesus name. She lives the bible and I am praying, hoping and longing for her to return online so I can walk with blessings for her. You see, tiny faith must be used with 'no doubt talk', it must be speaking God's word from your heart (word perfectly) and you must act in faith in Jesus Christ. I've worked in a hospital in China where a stage 4 cancer child due to die in 14 days.. .was miraculously healed and I took this 10 year old home to his parents 2.5 months later cancer free. I've experienced God's healing too, when I was captured abroad and left for dead. This girl's faith n Jesus is real, she is genuine, and she is submissive to God's way towards marriage; requiring the man to meet her parents the first day first before starting courtship. If GOD wills and we both obey His peace and leading; I want to court this lady for marriage sincerely. For I believe the 2 of us using faith in Jesus will not only have a peaceful loving home life-long, but as His couple-team, we will do greater works through faith in Jesus living through us and our marriage that many would be saved.

Elle Brown & Ryan Brown Aug 31, 2021

We Thank God for CDFF and highly recommend this amazing application, we have been married 2 years now and if it wasn't for CDFF this would of never happened. God bless all and be patient in finding the one.

Jackieann & Dustin Jun 19, 2021

Finding Christians on mainstream dating apps can be hard, so I looked for other options and found this. A few weeks later, a sweet lady messaged me. We started talking and quickly developed a connection. I’m in the US and she was in Kenya, but it all felt so natural. I visited her 8 months after we started talking and proposed to her. We’re now married in the US and she's my best friend.

Anonymous May 29, 2021

Hello CDFF I am so thankful to God for helping me to get my life partner, I’m glad that God used CDFF platform

I am so grateful to CDFF for laying such good platform to find my wife

Michelle & Kevin Apr 15, 2021

carol camp & Jay Combs Feb 16, 2021

We just got married after meeting a year ago on CDFF. Thank you for your ministry! and your prayers!

Amanda & Chad Feb 12, 2021

I came on this site in 2010 just looking for a friend after a painful divorce. I found Chad and we clicked instantly. It was like we had known each other for years. He was patient and didn't push me to start a relationship. He told me he would wait for me until I was ready. Fast Forward 11 years later and we are married with a beautiful daughter. I can't explain how grateful I am to this site for introducing me to my soulmate. THANK YOU!
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