Nikki Mier & Christian Arzaluz Oct 21, 2022

Last year, I started using CDFF. I have to admit that at the very beginning, I didn't have a lot of expectations, however, I still decided to entrust my heart to God. And then, I met Nikki. Her beauty captivated me, but what it made me fall in love with her, was her love for Jesus Christ. We started dating, she was living in Japan and I was living in Mexico. After 3 months of LDR, we met in person and got engaged, but again, we were in LDR for almost 6 months. We got married this month 💕 and we are so grateful to God for writing our love story. To Him, nothing is impossible, so we want to encourage others to keep trusting in God and wait for their loved one. Thank you, CDFF, for being the tool that God used so that I could meet my wife.

Michelle & Carl Michael Sep 17, 2022

Anonymous Sep 7, 2022

After being on the site for about 4 years l almost gave up on the one God had for me. I received a message from JimmiCr and responded back. Despite the challenges with both of us living on the other side of the world 🌍 we maintained our communication. Within 3 to 4 months of chatting we both knew this was it. He asked me to be his girlfriend & proposed to me in a very unique way. I said "YES". After waiting on the LORD & being FAITHFUL he opened doors do for me to get married in Chile. It was a tremendous BLESSING. 👰‍♀️💍🙏✝️ Thank You CDFF!!

Adriana & Jimmi

Michelle & Kevin Aug 5, 2022

We have finally got married legally in the Philippines on Tuesday 19th July 2022 in Montalban. Kevin's neighbour John married us on 2nd May 2020 via the internet but the marriage was more an expression of our love as not legally accepted. Covid-19 could not defeat us, we won and are now applying for Michelle's spouse visa for the UK. Thank you CDFF. Without you we would not be together and good luck to all persons looking for love. It can be done by Jehovah's graze through his glorious son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Michelle & Kevin

Jen & Douglas Jul 29, 2022

Greetings everyone :) Wow! Jen & I are thankful to GOD; grateful to the Cdff as we just married on June 30th, 2022. What an exciting! We met in January 2019 on this site but were held up by the pandemic and other obstacles. However thanks to our Lord JESUS CHRIST as we are now happily married and I now reside in the Philippines with my new wife (after years of struggle). Hugss; may God bless you -for sure keep pressing in for your dreams. :)

Thamiris Silva & Daniel Leiske Jul 1, 2022

We are absolutely grateful to Christian Dating for free for being a tool used by God for our union. we met at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and got married in June 2022. Thank you so much CDFF! Love, Thamiris & Daniel.

Agernesh Hussen & carlton lovell reeves Mar 30, 2022

hello cdff my Name is ager from Ethiopia and i was here long ago to find the true man of God to be my hsuband and i found this amazing young man who is true honest loyal and trust worthy who fear lord serve lord and love family he travel a long way to marry me and we did married ay fullness of God international church on the day february 5 2022 after 2 years being together God is faithfull thank for being the way for us to meet

Anonymous Mar 6, 2022

Back in 2010-2011 I was on your dating site looking to find love and I did. I met a man on your website. We met in person in April of 2011 and we got married June 2011 and now over 10 years later we are still together. The reason I am writing you today is because I forgot to come back and say Thank You. Thank you so much for this free website and for blessing my life with this wonderful soul mate. I was a single parent at that time and when he came into our lives he really made a difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Free Christian Dating! Thank you for answering this call, for blessing us. God Bless you! With Love from our family to yours. We are the success story you are looking for.

Kesya Nobre & Fabian Castillo Mar 1, 2022

No dia 06 de Março vamos completar um ano do nosso primeiro encontro, nós conhecemos no CDFF em Dezembro de 2020, e firmamos um relacionamento a distancia. A palavra de Deus nos uniu. Estudávamos juntos a palavra mesmo de longe, linguagens diferentes, mas crendo em um mesmo Deus. -Kesya

In middle of the pandemic, we understood that God is greater than the circumstances in this world, because we are not of this world. March 2020 I flew to Brazil and made a commitment before God and her parents. Returned to Canada and 5 months later flew back to Brazil. On December we got married, thanking God for his mercy on our souls and the light that will guide us unto all things. -Fabian

Nchubi Maseloane & David Segakweng Feb 15, 2022

Hi my name is David Segakweng , i met Nchubi Maseloane in December 2020 on this platform . We instantly fell in love and have never looked back since . We are currently engaged and are getting married in November this year . We thank God for this platform , which was instrumental in our meeting . We want to let the whole world know that God answers prayer and if you ask Him he will surely answer you
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